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Creating our own anxieties

Are people in the first world simply creating their own problems?

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Are our worries and concerns an accurate reflection of the challenges we face in life? If a recent study by the World Health Organisation is to be believed, people living in developed countries are often much more stressed out than those in developing economies, even though the latter have to worry about much more basic things like food and shelter. This week readers debate our perceptions of what makes a challenge and what makes a person successful. Tell us what you think on our Facebook page ‘Gulf News Al Nisr Publishing UAE’ or tell us at

15:40 Gulf News: People in developed countries have created their own anxieties.

15:50 Fatima Suhail: I would say that people in modern societies are simply overly dramatic when it comes to their problems and their sufferings in life. The fact is that they have become so self-obsessed that they consider their ‘issues’ as real problems.

15:50 Shajitha Shifa: I feel the current generation is far more mature – they know how to handle their life. They know how to save money and use it right. From a young age children are taught to be ambitious and earn a lot of money. During my parent’s generation, that was not the scenario.

15:56 Kritika Narayan: As Gandhi said: “There’s enough for everybody’s need but not for their greed.” In the spree of acquiring more, we forget that we are just human beings. One of the main cause of all the anxiety is greed!

15:57 Gulf News: Millenials and Generation Xers lacks grit.

15:57 Fatima Suhail: I would not completely agree that the new generations lacks grit, because I try my best to handle the situation and get stressed only when I feel I have lost control over it.

15:58 Nithinsha Najeeb: The earlier generation developed grit by facing many challenges in life, far more than the current generation.

15:59 Fatima Suhail: Older generations also suffered from stress and anxieties, it’s just that our generation creates a lot of ‘hype’ about every little thing.

16:01 Aisha Naseem: Gen Xers had to face the economic crisis and are still facing the repercussions of it. It would be unfair to say that our upbringing has been overprotective and pampered. It is possible that the youth of today know the value of money and appreciate it better than the older generations.

16:08 Gulf News: Being born rich ensures you live with a silver spoon throughout your life.

16:08 Akshaya Parthasarathy: The ones who were born wealthy were always on top of the ladder and they still keep rising. From time to time, they may only help their friends; the others, however, are stressed due to the increasing stakes and the fear of not being able to cope.

16:09 Aisha Naseem: It’s not just hard work but smart work that leads to success. People define success differently. There is no shortcut to success, and a lot of people dig pitholes in the process to find one. There simply isn’t any!

16:09 Maha Abidi: It is also said that ‘work smarter than harder’, which is becoming more apparent nowadays. Those who work cleverly get ahead in life, compared to those who put in a lot of effort and time in their work.

16:11 Apoorva Arya: I agree. We see so many businessmen who are wealthy beyond imagination. Money helps their children and paves their way through many difficulties like getting into college. If you are born into a rich family, it definitely makes it easier for you to get to the top of the ladder with a little hard work.

16:11 Nithinsha Najeeb: Hard work is the key to success. If we are willing to work hard, it will always give a good result. Nothing will be served to you on a platter.

16:11 Fatima Suhail: I feel that the rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer in today’s world. Hard work alone cannot fetch us the desired outcome in life, luck has a crucial role to play. Not every hard working individual becomes successful at the end. 

16:12 Kritika Narayan: Being rich is considered bliss, but that’s not true. It is actually equal to inviting anxiety and stress. It also does not give any reassurance of living with a silver spoon for life.

16:15 Gulf News:: People are becoming delusional with self-importance due to sensory overload.

16:18 Maha Abidi: People are becoming self-obsessed. It is about your life rather than the people in it. The people are just temporary, wanting to interfere in your life and the peace in it.

16:18  Akshaya Parthasarathy: People worry, and not just about money or jobs. It is the way they look, talk or act. Even with the simplest of things, the first question that is asked is: “What would she think of it?” If we are strong enough to have a mind of our own, the so called rat race can become a friendly game.

16:19 Aisha Naseem: Agreed we have to live within society, but nothing should stop us from following our own set of values and principles. I have to face my subconscious at the end of the day. I have to be at peace with myself. It
should matter least what someone else has to say about something. People have become very observant of others. How you sit, how you walk, how you talk – everything is a statement about you. Maintain decency but be yourself.

16:20 Apoorva Arya: People tend to go with the flow of society. “Is this the latest style?” or “Nah, no one does that anymore!”are the common thoughts. They, instead, should see what goes with their personality and how it affects their self-esteem.