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Passengers ignore hygiene standards on buses

Reader complains about passenger’s bad behaviour on the bus.

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Despite the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) requesting people to not put their feet up on seats in public buses, the issue continues. If I am not mistaken, there is a fine for the same, too. But, people still behave like they are sitting at home or on a couch rather than in a public transport vehicle.

I have seen this practice several times before. It is almost a daily occurrence. There seems to be no effect on people. Their feet could be dirty and stain the upholstery. Imagine entering a bus and seeing such a sight — it is disgusting.

I just hope people were more courteous towards other passengers and refrained from doing this in the future. I also feel that the RTA should install cameras all over the buses and fine such people — that’s the only way they will learn.

The reader is a sales coordinator based in Dubai.

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