Marching towards a greener planet in UAE

Group of young students focus on being eco-friendly.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Simran Vedvyas
Above left: Participants plant trees at the Worldwide Auctioneers Ltd compound in Jebel Ali. Above right: Simran Vedvyas (centre) with her friends at the tree planting event.
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SynergY is the promising name that is bringing together many like-minded students from across the UAE who are aspiring and planning to move forward in days to come, to shape the green initiative in the UAE.

‘55 Trees planted’ is the project we initiated that called on people to unite and become ‘Earth-keepers’. The World Wide Auctioneers’ (WWA) Middle East Auction Centre, which is a 100,000 square metre lot inside the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, eagerly awaits to see the planted trees grow and soften the rough concrete view that existed before. All the people who participated remember passionately the trees we planted, while we plan for more work to be done.

Determined to be the voice of youth who believe in acting now, moving forward together and above all, delivering the vision for a just and sustainable future, we are exhilarated to see eco-conscious brands support this initiative.

Prior to this, during Earth Week 2013, SynergY had successfully organised a Plant-for–the-Planet Academy in Dubai where 85 students from across 18 schools of the UAE planted 120 trees near a landfill. The initiative was supported by Dubai Municipality.

We planned and arranged a special watering pipeline using recycled waste water to maintain the trees. The newly-formed Climate Justice Ambassadors by Plant-for-the-Planet, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and SynergY participated in this event and the numbers ascended to 175 trees planted within a week.

As Climate Justice Ambassadors at SynergY, we have learnt a lot about climate change, greenhouse gases, carbon footprints and how effectively a simple activity like planting a tree can positively impact the survival of our planet. We have faith that by looking at our work, more members of the society will come together and support us.

SynergY is committed to promoting the tree-planting initiative as much as possible. Our drive hopes to gain more support from the community, business houses and students. We have a strong desire to work in partnership with them, pooling resources and efforts. We send out reminders to all segments of the community regarding such events to reaffirm our pledge of planting more trees for the benefit of this planet.


The reader is the founder of the SynergY group and a student.


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