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Littering continues despite availability of trash cans

Littering makes it difficult for people to relax and enjoy the fresh air

  • Abrar MohsinUgly sightEmpty bottles and cans are the biggest culprits.Image Credit: Abrar Mohsin
  • Littering in the Deira Creek areaImage Credit: Abrar Mohsin
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I’ve seen people littering in the Deira Creek area; especially during summer. This is an area where people go for morning walks or sit to relax. People go for walks near the creek and buy something to drink and when they finish they throw the empty bottles into the Creek. Usually it’s empty bottles, soda cans and juice bottles that can be found in the water.

The littering in this area causes a stink and attracts a lot of small insects, which makes it difficult for people who come to relax in the morning for some fresh air.

There is also a lot of litter in the streets that lead to the Dubai gold souk.

I’ve seen people litter quite often in a number of locations. I think people litter because of laziness to a great extent. Even in places where there are trash cans available, people litter anyway.

I think the recent move of the government to put watchers to fine people is a good move because they will be stopped.

People are not aware of the kinds of problems that happen on a macro level. They think that because I’m just one person, I can throw some trash. People don’t realise the broader picture of the effect.

Here are some of the pictures that show littering on the Creek side.

The reader is a marketing manager based in Dubai.