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Inconsiderate drivers increase Dubai parking woes

Drivers are too lazy to make sure their car is correctly parked in the lines

  • This vehicle is parked within the parallel lines, but the car's rear end is jutting out into the lane.Image Credit:
  • Anisa BadruddinInsensitiveParking in this manner, with the rear end of the vehicle jutting out into the laneImage Credit:
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During Eid I saw this vehicle parked at one of the shopping malls in Dubai. I felt really bad seeing such a horribly parked car and I felt the need to inform others so that this behaviour is not repeated.

There were more than 50 cars roaming in the parking lot trying to find a place to park during peak time in the afternoon. The owner found a very good and spacious parking space, but the owner was too lazy to make his car fit properly.

Also, as seen in the photograph, the car is within the parallel lines, but there was a lot of space in front of the vehicle. Due to his irresponsible parking all of the other cars had to face difficulty manoeuvring around the big car jutting out into the lane..

I feel that authorities should take action or at least issue a warning as this is not considerate parking and driving behaviour.

This reader is based in Sharjah

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