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Drivers ignore basic safety precautions in UAE

Construction material left unsecured and unfastened on vehicle

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Dangerous loadA truck transports cement without properly securing the load, which could be dangerous to other drivers on the road.Courtesy: Ajeet Kumar S Pillai
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I travel from Sharjah to Dubai for work on every day and this sight is very common on the roads. In one picture, a pick-up truck is loaded with cement sacks and the items are not even tied down or strapped in place. I was driving right behind the pick-up truck, and if the vehicle suddenly hit the breaks, the heavy cement sacks would fall on top of my car. In the other picture, the pick-up truck is loaded with items such as a ladder and paint barrels, but once again they are in an open vehicle, unsecured.

It is very unsafe to carry such items on the road in such a manner. My colleague, who travels with me, took the photographs to ensure that we could highlight this problem. I have written in my reports before about this same exact issue, but people are still not being responsible. Reckless drivers, as shown in the photographs, should have to face action from the authorities.

This reader is based in Sharjah

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