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Difficult to exit Naif car park

Twelve-storey facility can accommodate hundreds of vehicles but getting out is exasperating as it can take hours

At a standstill
Image Credit: Fatima Suhail/Gulf News Reader
The car park is very popular with visitors due to its central location, but largequeues of vehicles and faulty exit control are some of the problems that needto be addressed by the authorities concerned on an urgent basis.
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I would like to highlight the relevance of the Naif Car Park in Deira. The public car park complex is 12 storeys high and has space to accommodate hundreds of cars of visitors who flock to the area for shopping and business. This is in addition to those visiting the police station and the nearby museum.

The car park is very popular with visitors due to its central location, and it provides relief to a large number of motorists who are unable to find a parking space elsewhere in the area because of the rush.

I have been a resident of this area for decades now, and we often park our car in Naif Car Park since we are left with no other available option due to lack of parking spaces in the area.

However, with all the advantages and facilities that the car park offers to visitors, there are a number of problems that need to be addressed by the authorities concerned on an urgent basis.

Firstly, the car park is in need of a thorough clean-up. I have come across people relieving themselves near the stairway of the car park, which makes the situation worse.

Furthermore, it is not at all difficult to find parking space, but what proves to be a real challenge for motorists is to find a way to exit the facility.

It is usually so crowded and the queue is so long that it takes at least an hour to reach the ticket counter at the exit point. In case of emergencies, it is nearly impossible for anyone to drive out of the car par, because there is only a single exit from the complex.

In case of any emergency — for instance, if a fire erupts in the building — it is certain that most people will be trapped inside the facility due to the lack of exits.

The other day, our car was parked on the 10th floor of the complex and we had to wait from 9pm to 11pm to leave.

The situation in the car park is usually chaotic. The problem is made worse by clueless staff members at the car park who can provide no justification for the delays, and impatient drivers who think that honking at the cars ahead of them will help.

Only on rare occasions have I seen officials directing the traffic flow near the car park exit.

With this community report, I would like to appeal to the authorities concerned to look into this matter at the earliest and provide a solution for motorists who are needlessly trapped for hours inside this parking complex.

Furthermore, I request car park users to act in a responsible manner in terms of maintaining cleanliness inside the parking lot.

Lastly, I urge motorists to be a little more patient and calm when dealing with such situations and delays rather than creating a panic situation.

— The reader is based in Dubai