Community comes together to provide meals for labourers

Group distributed 5,200 meals to labourers

  • Due to a large outpouring of donations from the community, volunteers were able to distibute over 5,000 meals Image Credit: Courtesy of Mathew Litty
  • Image Credit: Courtesy of Mathew Litty
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It all started around August 1, with a message sent to the community through Facebook to collect donations for labourers.

Myself and a group of friends, set out with a goal to reach out to as many people in need as possible and set about looking for a location.

A lot of people were coming to us with different ideas, and after checking out the various labour camps and seeing that many already had programmes and activities in place set up by others, we decided on the Sajaa camp in Sharjah as we found no one had been to their camp.

It was quite a difficult task to convince people in the community that what we were doing was real as they didn’t know who we were, but the number of replies received through email was tremendous.

The donations we received exceeded Dh40,000 within two weeks and we had to stop as the restaurant we worked with could only provide us with a maximum of 5,000 packs, though we managed to make 5,200 in the end.

We partnered with a well-known restaurant in Sharjah called Delhi Nihari, who provided us with meal packs comprising of chicken biryani, a bottle of juice and yoghurt at a rate of Dh8 per meal.

On August 10, once we had the meals, about 20 volunteers got together to go to the camp, located near the airport, and distribute the packs.

It was a sight to see, all of the labourers standing in line to get their meal for the day.

After distributing the packs they were overwhelmed with joy and asked us to please come again and bid us all goodbye with bright smiles.

We would like to salute the volunteers who came together to serve these packs in the scorching heat while they were fasting. Also, a big thanks to two members of our group, Inder Bhagnani who played an important role in coordinating with the restaurant manager and joined us in the collection and distribution of food; and Khalil, who started the whole process by spreading the word about our event through his contacts and drove to the various camps to check them out.

Through this report we hope to create awareness and motivate readers to do good things for the benefit of the community.

The reader is a freelance writer based in Dubai.

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