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Accident waiting to happen

A gas cylinder placed horizontally in a cafeteria in Deira defies all safety precautions

Accident waiting to happen
Image Credit: Faisal Mansouri/Gulf News reader
Gulf News

Gulf News reader Faisal Mansouri took this picture in Deira. He said: ‘This cafeteria is located near my office at Deira Gold  Souq. I had read a report just recently about how it is very dangerous to store cylinders in a horizontal position. As seen in the photograph, the gas cylinder has been placed horizontally with the hose-pipe dangerously hanging from the side in the open.

There are so many tourists with children in the area. An innocent child can unknowingly pull the hose-pipe or a rat can gnaw on it. I shudder at the very thought of what could be the result. I request the authorities to keep a strict vigil and warn erring cafeterias and cafés about this issue.”