Abandoned car takes up valuable parking space

Dust-covered car has been abandoned for months with no-one to claim it

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Lee-Avinne O’FarrellNuisanceTraffic officers keep placing parking tickets on this abandoned car in Abu Dhabi, but there has been no effort to have it removed. Residents complain that the car, which has been there for at least six months, is taking up valuable parking space.
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An abandoned car has been left on Najda Street in Abu Dhabi for the past six months and officers just keep placing tickets on it as it collects dust. The car is taking up a valuable parking space. There is paid parking in the area, which has helped, but people still have to look for parking spaces. Having this abandoned car for months without anyone removing it seems silly. I’ve tried to raise the issue with the relevant authorities, but I have gotten no response. The authorities should definitely remove the car instead of just adding more tickets.

The reader is based in Abu Dhabi

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