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Looking for a missing dog

Dog went missing almost a month ago in Abu Dhabi

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My neighbour’s dog got lost almost a month ago in Abu Dhabi. We are based on Muroor Road and his name is Teemo. He is a male, mixed-breed dog of medium size and is not really used to the roads. He only steps out for walks usually.

He escaped while his owners were away at work for a long time. He stays with the domestic workers during the day. They let him out for a while and Teemo must have felt hungry and had to go look for food, as there was no food nor water served for him.

It has been more than three weeks since he’s been missing now, but many of the people in our area have seen him around. We have also tried our best to look for him in every single place, but with no luck. For the past few days, there have been no sightings of him either.

He is well behaved and house-trained. He is great with other dogs, people and even children. But, he is scared of cats and balls. He does not bark at all, is playful and loves to cuddle. If anyone spots him, he responds to his name. He has a white coat with brown spots and is wearing a red collar.

I have contacted all animal shelters located all over the UAE and veterinary clinics, too, but no one has seen him. I even posted an announcement all over social media and in animal welfare groups on Facebook, but heard nothing positive. I even put up some posters on notice boards in my area. Teemo has not been neutered nor microchipped.

There will be a reward waiting for the person who manages to return him to us safely. I urge the residents of the area and the emirate to please help us find him. He has never been away from home or on the streets for this long and he does not know what to do when he is alone. If anyone sees a dog matching the above description, please send an email to immediately and we will be in touch.

— The reader is based in Abu Dhabi.