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This is hurtful to Syrians who want to matter

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This is hurtful to Syrians

I’m shocked how some people would give excuses for the Russian military to blow up hospitals just because the rebels are in the same neighbourhood (‘All hospitals in eastern Aleppo out of action’, Gulf News, November 20)! Humanity is something you can’t buy if you don’t have it in your hearts! As a Syrian, the view that it’s okay to murder innocent people because you might kill a few terrorists hurts our feelings.

From Mr Jawdat Khatib


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Humanity matters

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what someone’s religion is. In this case, humanity matters and it’s really heartbreaking when you are just forced to watch their unbearable pain, but can’t do anything to stop it.

From Ms Yani Demeke Zoe


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Knowing how to grieve for your pet

Grieving and feeling sad is quite normal when a beloved pet dies (‘How to cope with the loss of a pet’, Gulf News, November 19). Pets are loving friends and companions, who become an integral part of the family from the moment they are brought home. Through the years that you spend with them, your life is filled with their unconditional love and immense happiness as pets are a source of joy and a stress-buster. Hence it is natural to feel devastated with their loss. One needs time to work through the loss and grief. Locking away grief will not help. Instead, one needs to express their feelings and talk to someone about it. Like in other cases, time is the best healer. Reminiscing about the good times spent with your pet alleviates the pain. Bringing in a new pet and developing a loving and long-lasting relationship with it, too, is a good idea. After all, this is what having a pet is all about.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

Overcoming the loss

It’s an interesting topic, coping with the loss of a pet. I always felt that people who don’t think they could have another pet after their pet dies does not mean that person is handling the grief in a healthy manner. I lost our family dog when I was 19 years old, I was the only with her when she died. We got her when I was only five years old, so she was very much my younger sister, part of the family. Of course it was sad and that day she passed away so suddenly will stay with me, I will always remember all our amazing memories. All the good times, all her quirks, all the laughs and all the fun chasing each other in the yard. I’m not going to live only in the heartache, but be thankful for all my childhood memories.

From Mr Joey Chance


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Suggestions for public transportation

In my point of view, public transportation can be increased by integrating different transportation modes (‘Dubai charts plan to boost public transport’, Gulf News, November 18). For instance, the waiting time at the Dubai Metro stations should be reduced by providing a sufficient number of buses for the onward journey in the busy hours. This will reduce door-to-door travel time and increase the tendency to use public transport.

Another major concern is school traffic. School traffic is adding to travel time in peak hours. One can clearly notice the traffic congestion in Dubai when schools are out. During that time, there is minimal or no congestion on the roads. This can be resolved by enforcing policies so that people utilise schools in their communities.

The authorities should also look towards plans to reduce traffic in any time of day, not necessarily only in peak hours. For instance, the offices of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Municipality and consultants and contractors should be in one community in order to eliminate the traffic between these offices.

From Mr Bhaskara Gundluru


Changes in Congress party?

Finally, the old Congress Party in India has decided to use their trump card, Priyanka Gandhi, to canvas for India’s Uttar Pradesh state elections. We are not sure whether it is going to be a boon or bane, as the opposition parties could target her with various controversies. Anyway, with this announcement, the Congress party has made one thing clear – Rahul Gandhi’s gimmicks are not going to get them votes in the coming elections.

With the present situation in Uttar Pradesh, it is quite possible that she may be able to gain some more seats than the last time. If that happens, definitely it is the end of the road for the prince in waiting, as the party may prefer the princess to lead in future elections!

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Mylapore, India

Stop the violence

The genocide in Myanmar should stop immediately (‘Myanmar must protect Rohingya from persecution’, Gulf News, November 21). The UN should take proper steps to save the Rohingya Muslims from the discrimination and persecution they are having to face. Every day poor Muslims are killed by the Myanmar Army with the support of Buddhist monks.

From Mr M. A. Mannan

Abu Dhabi

A legend in cardiovascular technology

The famous cardiac surgeon Denton Cooley who found the famous Texas Heart Institute five and half decades ago died at 96 years old (‘Denton Cooley, surgeon who performed first US heart transplant, dies at 96’, Gulf News, November 20). This is the latest development from US cardiac world and it has been a loss. He was the man responsible for more inventions in cardiology, bypass surgeries and many other procedures in the cardiovascular field. His demise was a great loss to the whole world. I pray for this great legend in the medical world.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Far-fetched hope

There have been ground-breaking advancements in the field of science and medicine, but there is certainly no method to bring a dead person back to life (‘British girl’s body frozen after death in UK first’, Gulf News, November 19). Scientists are striving for the cure of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, but to be able to use it on a corpse is beyond reality and logic.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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Pros and cons of science

Some fish are frozen alive in cold weather, but come back alive as the water melts because they have an antifreeze substance in their bodies. Amphibians, like frogs also go into a hibernation phase when their metabolism process becomes slow. They start their normal active lives when the weather changes. Scientists have revived a few microscopic creatures, which they have kept frozen for thirty years, but no such cases of humans have been heard of till now.

Nowadays the news of dying from cancer cases is alarming. This is due to the negative effects of the advancements of science. A few household products are very damaging to our health and we expose ourselves to these products almost daily. Besides cleaning products, microwave cooking, canned foods, precooked meals, disposable glasses, spoons and plates and cling wrap used on hot food detrimental to our health and could lead to cancer.

From Ms Syeda Ahmad


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Looks cruel, but isn’t

Farmers know that sometimes a calf dies during birth for a variety of reasons (‘Letters to the editor: Acting on mistreatment’, Gulf News, November 19). In the video, this hanging method is to keep the cow from dying as well. He is probably taking her to a barn to get her out of the weather and away from wild animals, like wolves and bad dogs. But, she will be lifted off her back legs until she can put weight on them without falling. She will be fed and cared for. It is the only way a farmer can do this by himself.

From Ms Jody Grider Hisaka

Honolulu, US

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Need stricter laws

Stop the farmer, don’t stop dairy. Are people not going to have butter or milk? Should anything that contains it be banned? This is animal abuse and it’s bad. It’s really sad to see this. However, I’m sure it’s not the case on all farms. Stricter laws should be placed and there should be stricter punishments. Animals are a source of food.

From Mr Bushra Rahman Khan

Cardiff, UK

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Show mercy to animals

It is very cruel and we should show mercy to animals. Showing cruelty to animals is a great sin. We can eat the meat of animals, but it should be slaughtered humanely.

From Mr Farook Khan Sadr


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