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North Korea and the US playing with fire

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North Korea and US are playing with fire

The current manoeuvring going on in North Korea is not a positive indication of peace (‘World on edge as North Korea shows off’, Gulf News, April 16). It seems developments between the US and North Korea are setting the stage for something more serious, and they are playing with fire. This isn’t like the old days when people used to head into the field, with arms in hand to fight in combat. It is advisable for US President Donald Trump to seek peace through other ways.

From Mr Vijayan S. Kallunad


Shocking violence

It’s unbelievable that a Pakistani university student was killed by a vigilante mob of educated students, because he had differing opinions (‘Pakistan university student beaten to death over alleged blasphemy’, Gulf News, April 15)? For some reason, I thought all these barbaric acts were happening because of high levels of illiteracy and ignorance, but it seems that extremism surpasses even the well-educated. Human beings need to improve!

From Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra


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The real problem

Ignorant people exist even among the highly qualified, Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra. These people are the actual problem in society – not those who are illiterate and don’t know any better.

From Mr Zamir Kazmi

Muscat, Oman

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A tragic loss

I am saddened to hear about the Pakistani petrol station attendant, Zeeshan Akbar, who was murdered during an utterly horrific crime spree in Australia by two teenage boys. What led to this brutal killing, racial discrimination or bigotry? As the teenaged murderers are suspected to have links to global militant groups, some suggest there is a possible racial motive behind the attack. This is one of many attacks on students from the Subcontinent, studying abroad. The poor students leave their home countries to gain new opportunities and a better life.

Suffice to say that the leaders of Pakistan have tarnished the image of our country due their bad governance. They are playing horrendous games with people’s lives. Leaders of the country are rich but their money is rotting in foreign banks, while a chunk of Pakistan’s population lives in extreme poverty. Politicians need to address the real issues of the country and emphasise the need to make rural-centric economic policies, to uplift people who live in poverty. Good governance is the last hope of our country.

From Mr Nasir Soomro

Hyderabad, Pakistan

Division of labour

Chores should be done by both men and women (‘Letter to the editor: No escaping assigned gender roles’, Gulf News, April 13). While division of labour in the paid workforce has been given much thought, the division of labour at home has received less scrutiny. Men must also make an effort in chores that are considered to be the women’s territory. These chores are associated with low status and are considered invisible work, for which, one receives few rewards. When shared, the responsibilities become less psychologically distressing. Sharing household responsibilities improves the well-being of the whole family, since no partner is over-burdened with responsibilities at home. In addition, it improves or maintains the standard of living of the family.

The distribution of housework should not affect the way that couples feel about the balance between their jobs and family. Regardless of how housework is divided, wives and husbands should be satisfied with the balance. Many spouses prefer fairness over the division of household duties. Division of household labour should result in a happy marriage. Burdening one’s partner with all the household chores can make that partner disengage emotionally in their marriage. I feel it is, therefore, necessary for couples to be equally responsible for domestic work.

From Ms Megna Rajagopal


Unfair treatment

United Airlines is under fire and has been heavily criticised over the violent behaviour by the security personnel, who grabbed a passenger and off-loaded him from a fully-booked flight, to accommodate staff members (‘$9,950 to flyers who give up seats’, Gulf News, April 15). Earlier this month, the airline prevented some young passengers from flying, for wearing leggings. United must understand that paying passengers deserve to be treated well. Friendly communication is vital for all airlines, to convince passengers to volunteer.

There is no denying that the initiative on the United Airlines flight was not in accordance with the standard operating procedure, and the actions should be protested by all airlines of the world. The untoward incident has caused United’s frequent flyers to fear travelling with them.

From Mr Mumtaz Hussain


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