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Letters: October 30, 2012

Letters: October 30, 2012

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Struggling to recycle

In the shadow of the recently concluded Energy Forum in Dubai, I write this letter to express my struggles in recycling paper for the past four years. I am frustrated because this city still has the system of just one all-waste collection bins in major central localities. There yet has to be a system like most Western countries, where there are different bins for different kinds of trash at every designated spot. I am amazed that this system is active only at public bus stops that are hardly utilised by any school going children or families. I live in one of the commercial and centrally located neighbourhoods of Al Muraqqabat, Deira. For many years I have been carrying stacks of newspapers, aluminium cans and other recyclable materials for recycling to my office, which was previously located 14 km away along Shaikh Zayed Road and has now shifted 40 km away. Over the years I have noticed that areas such as Karama, Bur Dubai and Deira have more and more booths for dropping charitable items, but recycling booths still remain an issue. Being an environment-friendly resident, I hope there are frequent and easier options of recycling in the UAE.

From Ms Sana Quadri


Recycle newspapers through EEG

I agree with Ms Arushi Madan’s views, but I want to add that there is an effective paper recycle program in place in the UAE by the Emirates Environment Group (EEG) (Letter: ‘Recycle newspapers,’ Gulf News, October 25). Using recycled paper to make a ton of new paper saves about 17 trees, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 360 gallons of water and 60 pounds of air pollutants. Using recycled paper results in 60 per cent less energy than using fresh timber. As a member of EEG, I collect used paper from my neighbours and deposit at EEG centres. EEG also arranges to collect cans and paper from communities if the quantity is more.

From Mr Sandeep Kumar


How can you litter?

It is a pity that there are people in our society who do not believe in keeping their surroundings clean. People use the clean and green public areas of the UAE to enjoy with friends and family. But why don’t they take their rubbish along or drop it in the bin after eating and smoking? The authorities need to keep an eye and fine people who litter public areas. I was at a mall this weekend and I was surprised to see people littering all over the place. I hope my letter can help spread awareness about this issue and make people more conscious about leaving behind trash in public places.

From Ms Nirmal Dhillon


Watch out for dengue

I want to address my concern over increasing dengue cases in India. The sudden death of the Bollywood’s iconic director and producer, Yash Chopra, highlighted the spread of dengue; otherwise Indians living abroad were not aware of the rapid increase of this dangerous disease. The number of deaths due to dengue in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh are increasing every year. I think the authorities need to think about this condition and people need to be more aware about this fatal disease, before it spreads.

From Ms Arushi Madan


Don’t fall for the price

I have seen people selling duplicate phones (‘Beware of tricksters selling fake phones,’ Gulf News, October 27). However, as I am a technology freak I can clearly identify the originals and the fakes. But what worries me is that I have seen people buying the high-end phones, just because the prices are comparatively lower. But they don’t realise that the fake phones are a complete waste and they won’t last. I don’t know if people actually mistake them for original phones.

From A Reader


It’s a planned scam

This happened with us when a man was selling my friend an iPhone 4S for Dh1,200. As I am fairly familiar with the gadget, I thoroughly checked the phone and it was original. Only when my friend handed over the money, the man said he would remove his sim-card. But, when we got the phone back, I realised that it was suddenly lighter than before, the man had replaced it with a fake phone. Luckily, we realised it before he left. He quickly gave us the money and ran into the crowd before we could call the police.

From Mr Trhoyjan


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