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Letters: June 6

Letters: June 6

Take action now
This is sad. It's not enough that we are polluting our air, water and earth, but we are also helping the process of extinction of many species on a large scale (‘Shark-finning: Clear and present danger', Gulf News, June 1).

I don't think that the process of fishing should be banned, that would not be fair either. However, I would say there should be very precise rules and restrictions from the authorities or government to avoid disastrous consequences of overfishing, not only for the interest of the animals but also for us humans.

The process of extinction could be much closer than we expect — it would really be very sad if we realise it after it takes place. We still have the chance to avoid this. However, I would say it's not in the hands of ordinary people.

The authorities should start moving actively to realise what's going on.
From Mr Hesham

Not only sharks but many other animals are becoming endangered because of selfish, cruel human beings. The whole world is created by God. Why aren't the United Nations and other organisations establishing rules to save the Earth?

Laws should be internationally considered so that such killings and smuggling become illegal. Shame on human beings and non-vegetarians.
From Ms Sada

Inhumane practice
Most of the shark species are harmless. I don't understand why humans are after these innocent creatures. Just for the soup they need shark fin and killing more and more sharks for it!

Finning is purely an inhumane practice where in some cases they chop its fin and throw its living body back into the sea — millions of sharks die a slow death every year because of this. There must be strict laws against this. We can also do our bit by removing it from the menu.

If the consumption is less, then there will definitely be a decline in shark deaths. Save our environment and reduce water pollution by stopping this barbaric practice.
From Ms Renu Kala

The real predator
Man is the most dangerous predator, and not sharks. All human attacks by sharks, all the Hollywood anti-shark movies, combine all of them and the number of humans killed and attacked, and you will see that it is less than the number of sharks killed every day.

Trust me, humans, with their greed, have become a predator far worse than any animal.
From Ms Naumann Malek

It's not just bullying
I'm glad that the school has taken this decision (‘No place for bullies in school', Gulf News, June 1). My son who is in grade nine at another private school in Dubai faced a similar situation of bullying this year and was told by the school counsellor that there will be bigger challenges for him to face later on in life.

Although the school sent an incident report to the deviant children's parents, I think this was taken too lightly. Bullying affects a child's persona and mentality, not to mention his or her academic progress.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) must lay down stringent guidelines.
From Mr Gregory Gomes

Take it more seriously
I don't think this is enough and that too after a completion of a whole academic year. If prison is not the place for such boys then deportation of the family should be considered. Even the school owners and administrators should be punished.
From A Reader

In some societies there is already discrimination based on marrying the right person — now this is not a really nice thing (‘A nine-year-old is a child, not a bride and needs to be in school', Gulf News, June 1).

To be clearer it is not really humane. And child marriages? Well it's adding insult to injury. I am absolutely dejected to live in such a world.
From Mr Suraj Rajan

Treat women with respect
The people who are in favour of child marriages should think about what they would do if they were in such a situation that they did not want to be in but were forced.

Girls are just thought to be a burden. They are not given proper education, good treatment and respect as boys are given. I request everyone to love and take care of their daughters. This way we can stop child marriages.
From A Reader
Ras Al Khaimah

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