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Letters: July 25, 2012

Letters: July 25, 2012

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Who’s to blame?

I was shocked while reading about what happened in Colorado, US (‘Emotions high at vigil for US massacre victims’, Gulf News, July 21). How can a person just walk into a movie theatre and start shooting everyone? There is no way that this criminal is mentally stable! There are so many people to blame for this but I think the spotlight needs to be shed on the US government. How did this youngster get his hands on so many guns? How can an average person obtain so much ammunition without having any alarms raised? I offer my condolences to all the families and friends who lost a loved one because of this sick man.

From Ms Sarah Al Hassan

Abu Dhabi

People are dying everywhere

This massacre can’t be justified in any manner. However, this is the time for the US to think about their foreign policy and the attacks on innocent civilians in other countries. The media is broadcasting this incident non-stop but this is happening on a daily basis in countries like Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. I don’t understand why the media is silent about Myanmar (Burma), where thousand of Muslims have been killed. Where are the United Nations and the US?

From Mr Tabish


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From where I sit I think people in a democracy need to vote for themselves and not for their tribes (‘Libya’s teeters on the edge of anarchy’, Gulf News, July 21). If I am poor then I will vote for the party that will help me get better wages and free stuff from the rich people’s taxes. However, if I am rich then I will vote for the party that will help me pay less tax. Any other motive for voting will not work in a democracy. The Western world is founded on individualism, not tribalism.

From A Reader

Auckland, New Zealand

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Working too long

I am a banker and out of experience I noticed that long working hours not only impact the employees but also the customers (‘UAE employees struggling to cope with stress at work’, Gulf News, July 21). A frustrated employee will never serve his or her customers properly – it’s a chain reaction where the frustration is passed on from employees to customers. Long working hours are the detriment of any organisation.

From Mr Layth

Muscat, Oman

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A different path

Being made redundant from my work was more stressful than my divorce. It is so easy to drift into these mental health problems. In that case I chose to go back to education.

From Mr Raymond Short

Dublin, Ireland

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Involve them

I completely agree with the findings. If the employees are happy and content then they would definitely contribute for the organisation’s growth. If you ask them for constant feedback and suggestions then that will give the employees the confidence they need and they would feel honoured.

From Mr Ahmad


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Surviving the heat

Now that summer is at its peak in the UAE, we lock ourselves in our office and home, which are fitted with air conditioners, and we don’t even dare to walk outside during the afternoon. We try to stay indoors as much as possible to protect ourselves from the harsh summer. Imagine the situation that stray cats are in. A few days ago I was surprised to see this cat [pictured] in front of my door. It might have come into the building to protect itself from the summer heat. It got to survive the summer heat by coming into our building but how long will that last? Now there are two cats residing in our corridors. I hope something is done to help stray cats.

From Ms Shajitha Shifa


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