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Letters: January 2, 2013

Letters: January 2, 2013

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Victim of an irresponsible government

An emotional address to this tragic incident by the people of India has got government repose of equal and opposite emotions (‘India rape victim’s body cremated in New Delhi,’ Gulf News, December 31). India deserves an efficient government system to ensure their safety, not an emotionally leadership. In this incident the Indian youth reacted without a leader. Otherwise it would have been just an ordinary case added to the list of many rape cases that occur in India on daily basis. I don’t understand why do the rape cases not get any serious attention and action by the leaders of India? This makes them equally responsible for facilitating the horrendous crime. I send my heartfelt condolences to the victim’s family.

From Mr Saji Samuel


Question of pride

While an Indian media would run counter to the principles of a democracy, the perversion that exists in the society obsessed with smut and licentiousness, is one that needs a serious overview. The number of sexual offences and violence toward women warrants a re-look at the Indian penal system. Now witnessing an unprecedented wave in moral laxity and sheer viciousness against women proves that the patriarchal attitude of Indian has to be addressed via a judicial route. They should provide security to the teeming number of women living in fear. The great patriotism that Indians have for their country that shackled of British imperialism with pride is loosing its eminence.

From Mr A R Modak


India roaring for justice

This is a nation of billion plus where women are with their attained excellence hold respectable positions in all fields including governance and economy. Unfortunately, the paradox is that not a day elapses in the calendar where female gender is not harassed in forms of female fetus homicide, domestic violence, molestation and rapes. When we are accustomed to this as a part of the agenda why was this uproar throughout the nation? The struggle of the 23-year-old victim galvanized the nation that had been sleeping for too long. People from all walks of life walked on to streets asking for justice. There has always been a lackadaisical attitude from the government but this incident shook us all to a different level. Let government come up with vital solutions where women feel safe. Let there be tougher laws implemented to punish the criminals and let our judiciary have fast track courts where justice is reached quicker. We as a nation will not rest until justice was given to the ‘brave heart’.

From Ms Yasmin Banu

Abu Dhabi

Lesson for the hooligans

I had tears in my eyes and felt the pain in my heart reading the news. Imagine what she must have gone through. Those six hooligans cannot be called men. They should been brought in front of the angry crowd of women and be mercilessly beaten to death with sticks and rods. Do not wait for the court verdict. This would be a lesson and in future people would think twice before harassing a woman.

From Ms Prema Venkat


Aftermath of gang rape

The protests continue in Delhi and other parts of India, it is great that the youth is taking command. Now is the time for introspection as the whole country is united in mourning for this young girl. Our legal system took four long years to settle the case of Kasaab. In this case we need to act swiftly and find appropriate punishments for the criminals. This is vital for the women in our country to feel safe. Another aspect of this incident is the role played by alcohol. If the culprits were not drunk the magnitude of the crime would have been less. We need to address these two issues simultaneously to have a proper understanding before we reach a conclusion. Only a meticulous approach can bring in results. India is a vast country and anywhere in the country this can happen and only a stringent rule can stop people from committing such brutalities. One thing is for sure with this incident India has awakened and government needs to act in order to wipe out the fear factor. Let the soul of this angel rest in peace.

From Mr Shivshankar K T


Destroy the root cause

Majority of common people find it difficult to understand the mind-set of rapists. It is an aggression or intrusion on one’s individual rights. This needs to be protected and the responsibility rests within the society. Firstly, why is assault on women is not given due importance in our society? The prevailing judicial system in most countries where such incidents are widely reported and not acted upon, it becomes an ‘encouragement’ to a section of the community. In India itself, there have been incidents of sexual assaults on minors. The psychological aspect of those committing such horrifying instances needs to be understood. Instead of the motive, the root cause behind such callous acts needs to be identified. The absence of a strong legal system could be the primary cause of increase in such incidents. It is alarming that such crimes of different nature do not prompt government and authorities concerned, especially due to the meddling of influential politicians. Most governments across the globe spend billions for the safety of politicians and their associates. The public money is being utilized inappropriately. The government with backing of the legal system should work together to support common people.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair



I’m actually furious! I’m a mother of three daughters and feel the pain of women. When will men realise that woman are their mothers and the mothers of their children? When will men realise that women are companions that should not be abused or oppressed? My blood boils to see that the culprits have not been punished yet. How long does it take? Why? Let’s hope this poor girl’s death brings a much required change in the society, not only in India but everywhere in the world. Let’s hope her life does not go in vain.

From Ms Mala Gadhia

It’s a shame!

Atrocious! The horrible incident that happened in the country’s capital is a shame on mankind. Is this how our civilization has progressed? Is man a social animal or just an animal? It’s appalling to hear rape cases day in and day out. They are talking about increased police patrols, more security for women etc. Can we please stop for a moment and look at the root cause of this menace? Female foeticide is rampant in North India. The male children, in such a scenario must be put on a pedestal and anything he does must be overlooked or disciplined when it is required. Talk to the mothers and ask them how many of them are respected by their sons. The basic values must be inculcated at home, which I think could be a root cause for this disgusting mentality when they become adults. A total revolution in the society is required. We, as human beings should initiate this change; else these barbaric acts will continue and probably get worse over the years.

From Ms Roopa Jacob


Blame the society

How to make India a safer place? Educate the citizens to follow moral values by changing the educational system. Children need to be taught to respect and be respected from young ages. Unethical ways followed by advertisement media, movie industry for their own survival has developed perversion and tempting in the minds of many. Even leading personalities, movie icons are leading immoral life or doing unethical things in the pretext it is their personal life, without realizing that it impacts many of their followers and fans. Capital punishment or a death sentence will not make the culprit realize the gravity of the crime, amputation of legs and hands and castration for rapists should be implemented. This problem does not only exist in India. This should be treated as universal shame taking the alarming survey of rape in a year from many parts of the world.

From Mr Dorairajan Ravi


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