Letters: December 11, 2012

Letters: December 11, 2012

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The right choice

I had an arranged marriage and have been happily married for the past 13 years (“Focus: Arranged marriages”, Gulf News, December 8). I think such marriages are better for society, as both families are involved in the alliance. Moreover, the couple can benefit from their parents’ experience. In the future, if problems arise, they can seek help from their families. However, I am not against love marriage as I have seen some couples who opted for an arranged marriage but were not compatible and ended up separating. Young people must have the right to choose their own life partner, whether in an arranged or love marriage. A strong and long-lasting marriage depends on the people involved. Marriage demands a great deal of understanding, care, respect, loyalty and sacrifice. In today’s world, most young people are educated and sensible, so parents cannot control their lives, even in the matter of choosing a life partner for their child. Marriage doesn’t just bring two people together but also their families, so there’s no harm if young people take the advice and blessings of their elders before deciding.

From Ms Renu Kala


A new beginning

Congratulations to the Abu Dhabi Municipality, and the entire team of engineers involved in the much-awaited Al Salam Street tunnel project (“One of the longest road tunnels in Middle East opens in UAE capital”, Gulf News, December 4). I was one of the first users of the tunnel last week and enjoyed a seamless commute to my destination. To those who always have complaints, try and let common sense prevail when selecting your route and plan ahead. Follow all traffic signs and warnings – they are wonderfully displayed for our use and ease of travel. For the authorities concerned, kindly note that the signals following the exits from the tunnel in both directions need to be observed and changed to meet the new traffic requirements. Let’s keep Abu Dhabi and the UAE moving ahead.

From Mr Olavo Fernandes

Abu Dhabi

Together we stand

I pray for the many Filipinos who have been affected by this natural calamity (“Typhoon kills scores in Philippines”, Gulf News, December 4). I believe in their strength and patience through these tough times. I salute their perseverance and strong will – in every challenge their country faces, they never give up. The hope and faith they hold is always apparent in their faces. God bless all!

From Ms Jen


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Inconvenient option

I think the Salik fee should not be applicable for taxi passengers, as it would discourage people from using taxis on routes with toll gates. It would become an inconvenience for the public. My suggestion is to reduce the Salik charge to Dh2 for everyone. It could then be added to the taxi fare. I suggest the relevant authorities look into this matter and take a favourable decision.

From Mr Tarek Shamsi


Been there, done that

I found the news report on taxis charging for Salik very strange, because I have been paying the toll fee ever since it was implemented. The taxi drivers ask passengers if we want to travel along routes with toll gates. If we agree, then we would have to pay them the taxi fare, along with an extra charge for crossing the toll gate. So has it been illegal for them to be charging us all this time?

From Ms Nabila Nusura


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Too expensive

I do not think taxis charging Salik is the right move. The taxi fares are already high as they are. Adding the Dh4 or Dh8 to it would make it unbearable for some commuters. I use taxis a lot and feel that this is not the best option. We should be assisted to use public transport and not overcharged. I urge the authorities to please reconsider.

From Ms Sara


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An evolving world

In its twentieth year, the short message service (SMS) is a phenomenon that has surely changed the way we communicate. It is an idea that spawned greater connectivity between people. Smart phones then went one step ahead with their internet-based messaging services, which somewhat supplanted the SMS. This form of instant communication has also shortened distances, merely through a few clicks. With more innovations like Facebook chats, Twitter and Skype, which has an added feature that allows video conferencing, the technological age will not stop here. There’s always more in the pipeline!

From Mr A.R. Modak

Johannesburg, South Africa

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