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Do you think your data is safe?

Thirty eight per cent of respondents of online poll use password protection on phone

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According to the US-based Intel Security Group, 36 per cent of people do not use password protection on their phones, whereas 15 per cent of the people who do use a password, save the information on their device itself. Over half of the respondents of a study conducted by the security company have admitted to sharing their passwords with others.

When asked on, the results were slightly different with only 18 per cent of people claiming to never lock their phone. Thirty eight per cent of the respondents use a password and 26 per cent use fingerprint to secure their devices.

However, setting up a password, pattern or PIN does not necessarily mean that data on the device will stay safe. Experts believe even a biometric system can be cracked. All it takes are simulated images of a person’s fingerprint, face or even iris pattern.

“Using multiple security measures is the best defence,” a computer science professor at Us-based Michigan State University was quoted as saying by an AP report.

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