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Maintenance fee after closure?

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Minimum balance

I had a Fixed Deposit (FD) linked savings account with Emirates NBD in 2007 which I discontinued once the bank’s scheme of enhanced interest rate ended after the said promotional FD offer got over. At that point of time, I distinctly remember having requested the account closure with their Sharjah branch in Sharjah City Centre.

After almost six years, I got their only statement of account, dated March 12, 2013 in the month of April 2013 which reflected a credit of Dh25 as on date December 16, 2012 stating: “Rev. of Relationship Maintenance Fee”. In the same statement it showed a debit of Dh25 stating: “Relationship Maintenance: August 2011, Value date: June 27, 2012,” and the balance showed as nil.

I went to their Sharjah Branch in Sharjah City Centre and met with the manager and asked him for the clarification as to why after such a long duration of time am I receiving this statement - after more than five years of me closing the account.

He bluntly told me that the Statement of Account (SOA) is sent every quarter, which I totally disagree with, as in my case I received their “sole” SOA only in April. I also did bring to his notice that till date I did not receive any statement from Emirates NBD in any of the past quarters and the SOA dated March 12 was the only statement I received. He did not believe me.

On my request, after checking the system, he indicated that my savings account is still active and for me to close this account I need to pay a “lean amount of Dh1,600”, which was not acceptable to me as I had informed him that the main purpose of me opening the said account with Emirates NBD was mainly due to the fact that I had an FD-linked account and had no intention of opening a savings account just for the sake of having an account.

When I asked him as to why this “lean amount” was not reflected in the only statement I received, dated March 12, 2013, he said that it is due to a problem with their system. I told him that at this point of time I would also not have any papers to furnish for their records as it has been more than five years since I encashed my FD and they should be in a position to dig out information from their end about my FD details, that is, opening date/maturing date and my account closure request. I would appreciate if Gulf News could take up this matter with the concerned people in Emirates NBD, as due to their own internal shortcomings, they want me to pay Dh1,600 for no fault of mine.

From Mr Hari Lakshmanan


The management of Emirates NBD responds:

We are pleased to inform you that our Group Customer Experience team has been in touch with Mr Hari Lakshmanan and resolved the matter to his satisfaction. We would like to clarify that the charges levied to his account were due to non-maintenance of the minimum balance and are applicable as per the bank’s schedule of service charges. As a gesture of goodwill, Emirates NBD has decided to exceptionally waive the total amount of the accumulated monthly minimum fees applied on the account and our dedicated team shall assist Mr Lakshmanan with the account closure formalities. We would like to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to resolve our customer’s issue. Many thanks for your continued support and valued efforts.

Mr Lakshmanan responds:

Thank you for the intervention. The issue has been resolved to my satisfaction.

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