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Spas hawk sex on networking sites

Shady spas and salons use popular social media to peddle sleazy services in Dubai

Spas hawk sex on networking sites
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A Facebook search for massage services in Dubai led XPRESS to a Pandora's box of add-ons being promoted by spas and salons. Picture for illustrative purpose only.

Dubai: Spas and beauty salons in Dubai are turning to online social media to sell sexual services.

A Facebook search for massage services in Dubai led XPRESS to a Pandora's box of add-ons being promoted by spas and salons.

A popular spa with four branches in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi, has created three Facebook pages to promote their activities. Along with pictures of staff in each of their Bur Dubai, Deira, Jumeirah, Mina Rashid and Abu Dhabi branches, clients are invited to select a masseuse of their choice, based on skill and reputation. With a tagline that says "Let Us Take You To Paradise," the spa reportedly offers various sexual favours for as little as Dh100.

Scrolling through the spa's Facebook page reveals a sexual classifieds of sorts, with men and women both selling their services and looking to buy. As one prospective buyer wrote: "Hi, need Thai sandwich (for sex). Can you provide that?"

Further probes on Facebook revealed the existence of various Dubai-based spas promoting massages with a "happy ending".

500 facebook fans

A Dubai-based salon specialising in Swedish massages is growing in popularity, with over 500 fans on Facebook alone. A quick look at the messages displayed reveal various same sex requests. Prices range from the sublime to the ridiculous ranging from free favours, going all the way up to Dh5,000 for a two-hour stint.

Scrolling through the various Facebook promotions, the regular users and visitors to these pages became obvious.

S.J.L. (name abbreviated to protect identity) is a Dubai-based Filipino male selling sexual favours to other men. With daily status updates to titillate and queries to spas about services to satiate his desires, S.J.L. is a common example of the clientele of these venues.

C.J., an Irish woman living in Jumeirah, recently went to one of the spas mentioned above. "The spa was dark and dingy with just one mattress on the floor. In the room next to me I could hear the moans of a man and the giggles of a woman. Unfortunately, I had already started my massage at that point, totally unaware of what this place was really meant for.

"Once home, I googled them and found all these Facebook pages they've created, selling the ‘talents' of their therapists. It's disturbing for someone like me to feel like I was a part of this industry. All I wanted to do when I got home was shower the massage and the smells of that spa off me."


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