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Case studies in same-sex relationships in the UAE

Same-sex relationships are on the rise in UAE schools, concerning parents and authorities alike. Here are a few recent cases reported.

  • N.A., 17, was involved in a relationship with a girl for about two years before she was dumped by her "lover", as she said, for another girl. Details about her relationship, which she described to social workers, included watching pornographic movies with her lover. She is receiving treatment with her mother's help.
  •  A.A., 19, was involved in several sexual relationships. She leaves the house dressed decently, but changes clothes at the university where she and her lesbian girls target other girls. She said that due to her mother's tough upbringing, she has found her peace with these girls. She refused treatment.
  • B.A., 23, university graduate, married after having several relationships with girls at the university. B.A. could not prevent her marriage from collapsing as she continued lusting after women. She still visits her girlfriends at the university and is not seeking treatment.
  • A.A., 16, schoolgirl, started lesbian relations at age 14, lost her virginity with her girlfriend at age 16. She wants to receive treatment, but is afraid her family and other people will find out about her. She described how they used instruments and watched pornographic films bought from female Chinese vendors.
  • A boy sexually harassed by his housemaid turns to other boys to satisfy his desire that was turned on at very young age
  • Girl, 15, with divorced parents, turned to same sex relationships after she was taken advantage of by a girl at a public school.
  • Teenager, 16, raised by divorced mother, turns to same sex ties on pressure from friends.
  • Girl, 15, suffers hormone disorder due to neglect by family, which leads her towards same-sex activities.