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Brazen burglar who steals with a mark

Intruder strikes at four homes in same building within 48 hours and if that was not daring enough, he returns 
to leave behind his mark

  • A reconstruction of the sight that greeted a burgled tenant at his doorstepImage Credit: © XPRESS /Arshad Ali
  • The thief or thieves gets into thecommon area leading to kitchen windowsImage Credit: © XPRESS /Arshad Ali
  • From the common area, he slidesor breaks a kitchen window to get into a flat.Image Credit: © XPRESS /Arshad Ali

DUBAI A brazen burglar broke into at least four flats in Muhaisnah within 48 hours and made away with thousands of dirhams in cash, jewellery and electronic items, XPRESS has learnt.

As if this was not audacious enough, he left his trademark by returning some of stolen items at the victims’ doorsteps. He even rang their doorbell to alert them but escaped before they could open the door.

In the first break-in, reported between August 7 and 8, a resident’s laptop, charger and a 500-gigabyte external hard drive were stolen.

The thief struck a second apartment on the same day, taking Dh15,000 in cash and two external drives. In a bizarre twist, the thief returned the two external drives to the victim’s door.

The break-ins were reported in the five-block Wasl Building in Muhaisnah, behind Lulu Village. “My wife and I were out at work and our child was with a baby sitter on August 7 when the break-in happened,” said Sadiq, a victim.

The victims believe the burglar — or burglars — must be familiar with the building layout as most of the burgled units were next to the fire exit and maintenance vent.

“My unit is next to a vent, and we think the burglar went through it to break open one of the windows.”

Another victim reported his apartment being broken into on August 8 after they left the house to join relatives for iIftar. “What’s weird is that he even rings the doorbell to notify us that he’s returning a stolen item,” said the Indian engineer, whose Sony digital camera and the charger kit were left at the doorstep. 
“The thief took the safety box which had Dh45,000 worth of gold jewellery my husband gave as a wedding gift,” said a 29-year-old housewife. The wife also said an undetermined amount of jewellery with precious stones was in the box. “It’s as if this burglar is taunting the victims or authorities to come and catch him. I’m afraid for my family if this crazy thief is still on the loose.”

Residents said that since the incidents took place, all windows next to vents were permanently locked by Al Wasl Properties staff.

Another family reported losing cash and personal belongings.

“When I went to the security guards to report the incident on the night of (August 8), another victim was already there also reporting a similar break-in.”

No comment was immediately available from the property firm or the police.

- With inputs from Habiba Abd El Aziz



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its high time CCTV cameras should be installed and made compulsory in all buildings. Main entrance should be monitored by security personal. Outsiders should not be allowed without prior permission.


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