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With video: Rougher seas of Drakes Passage cause problems

Yesterday many passengers were waiting at the doctor’s door in preparation for our sail back through the Drake Passage. This meant getting our hands on either an anti-nausea patch to apply behind one’s ear, or anti-nausea tablets.

Image Credit: The Jewels of Antarctica team
The Jewels of Antarctica team are shown a map of their route

This morning we woke up to much rougher seas and realised that we are indeed making  our way through  Drakes Passage and on our way back to Ushuaia. Half way through the day, despite the patches that the on board doctor obligingly gave us, some passengers still succumbed to the pitching and rolling of the ship and looking very pale, made a bee-line for their beds. With no more activities being conducted, it is just a matter of riding it out for the next two days until we reach Ushuaia Port.
During the course of the day some of the ships staff spoke to us about various forms of wildlife that each of them specialise in. Brent spoke about Antarctic seabirds, Michelle about plants and how they survive in the frigid environment of the Arctic, Andrew on Antarctic rocks and Louise about whales.

Just after lunch a Humpback whale was spotted. Everyone dropped what they were doing and rushed to the windows of the starboard side of the ship, camera’s in hand.

For our team, it is very much a case of having mixed feelings at the moment.
This has been the trip of a lifetime for all of us. At times it’s been a tough and emotional journey but we have always been there for each other.
There is one part of us that doesn’t want the trip to end, and another part that is ready to go home now. Home to share our stories and pictures and be with our loved ones again.



After dinner  we had time to  look at the route map posted near the observation lounge. We called on the ship’s expedition leader, Kelvin Murray , to explain more about the route we had taken and  to ask a few questions.

“We have had this unique opportunity to test our psychological and physical strengths and in the process have overcome many self imposed obstacles. We are now all very excited to be reunited with our families and friends and to share our amazing experiences with them”, said Fatima.

“For me this trip has been heaven. I have got to know all the other women in the team so well and I’m going to miss them very much. We are all part of the same sisterhood and have a special connection because of this dreaded disease”, said Adila.