Why we changed:

Whilst being the number one news website in the UAE, we were unable to adequately present all our content in the old design.

Additionally, it didn’t make the most of the screen displays that you are using. We also had a host of new features and products that we wanted to launch.

With over 250 articles going live every day, it was also necessary to have a more robust system to cope with the demands of the volume of content flow!

The solution was simple - we needed to change our publishing system. We needed to think new, we needed to think redesign. And the result is the new portal.

New content structure:

The principle change to the website is the navigation. Now content from all our publications (and some new online only offerings) is held within the 10 site channels: News, Business, Sport, Life, Entertainment, Guides, Opinions, Video, Pictures and In Focus.

These channels contain the sub categories that are all available in the main site navigation, which include sections dedicated to travel, motoring and beauty. If you are familiar with our print publications, you can continue to find and browse their content through the individual landing pages.

The headers of the website contains two pull-down menus. These list both the website channels and publication landing pages. So, you can choose based on familiarity and comfort.

The menus appear on every page of the website and with the main navigation bar offer easy access to all the content. The footer on the website also acts as a ‘site map’ - again, available on all pages.

In addition to the best of print content, we also have exclusive online products and services such as GNTV, newsletters, cinema screening search and interactive quizzes.

The new design:

The biggest thing you’ve probably noticed is the change in design. We have introduced a much cleaner and minimal skin for the main gulfnews.com channels. The thinking was to let the articles and content be the principle visual elements, rather than website graphics overpowering them.

We believe we have achieved a much more effective visual container for the pictures, videos and text with less distraction or interference. You’ll notice that the text and font are more legible, pictures are bigger and there is much more content on each page – yet, it is designed in a more structured manner.

Articles offer more content links and opportunities to explore other parts of the website. Some features on the website are more dynamic than seen previously, such as comments interface, the ‘Most popular’ boxes for rating content and the picture galleries.

Viewer interaction:

As a user there are many more ways to contribute and interact with the website now, such as rating of articles, galleries and videos, along with commenting on stories and submitting pictures, videos and other content.

There are opportunities for a higher level of engagement by joining our Gulf News Reader's Club, with easy online registration.

Some of the new features:

  • Newsletters – It brings the news to your inbox
  • Rating of articles – It lets us know what you think works
  • Resources – Searchable and filtered information listings
  • Gulf News Reader's Club – Become part of the team! Register first
  • GNAds - Easy search is available through the website front page

This is the start of a new multi-media driven platform neutral journey that sees us as news and content providers using all the tools possible to deliver this in the best manner possible. It is an exciting place to be at but cannot be achieved without active participation and feedback from you - our viewers.

Now it's your turn. Let us know what you think of the changes. Write to us here