wkr a worker weighing meat

A state government drive against slaughterhouses and cow-protection vigilantes are causing delays in deliveries of beef consignments

wkr qaanaaq greenland

After being displaced from their native village, a Greenlandic Inugguit community faces a new threat: climate change

wkr INDIA_ALCOHOL_BAN_7_1517697

Alcohol ban in the Indian state of Bihar is a success as women are taking matters into their own hands to enforce a prohibition law


wkr Rajina's house 2

In the 1980s, tens of thousands of women from the south Indian state migrated to Middle East to work as nannies

JEST Class in progress

A non-governmental organisation helps start-ups in Jerusalem live up to their full potential to achieve growth and success

Diana Driscoll 1

A leading Islamic world guide, Diana Driscoll conducts guided tours with an emphasis on the five ‘Stan’ countries