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Lwando & Philip_ photo Rodger Bosch

Children and young adults from impoverished families in Cape Town get free dance training that empowers them with life skills

N Korea

Ordinary North Koreans are risking their lives to make a perilous journey out of Kim Jong Un’s clutches

wkr_Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland 1

By 2031, Islam will likely be Ireland’s second-largest religion, thanks to the pioneering role played by Dubai’s Al Maktoum Foundation


Asha Khemka (second from right) Photo courtest - Swani Gulshan

The accolades are coming quick and fast for Asha Khemka for her efforts in the field of education in the UK

WKR Jane Camion 273

Why has Jane Campion switched to the small screen after making some really strong films?

WKR Dr Bindeshwar Pathak with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dr Bindeshwar Pathak’s pioneering efforts to improve sanitation and upgrade the environment in India are making a huge impact