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We woke up to a sunny morning with calmer seas

Image Credit: Antarctica team

We woke up to a sunny morning with  calmer seas. This meant that the boat was not pitching & rolling as much as yesterday, and everyone felt  much better. The seasickness patches and tablets that the doctor had dished out rather generously yesterday had taken effect.

We all managed to make it to the dinning room and had a good breakfast, after which we gathered in the observation lounge to attend a few more lectures on the different types of animals and icebergs we will be encountering, as well as activities that we’ll be engaging in when we finally arrive at our destination.

And tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning we will be the first group of passengers to go kayaking so we are receiving instructions on how to handle the kayaks as well as safety procedures.

After lunch, we returned to the lounge where we had to vacuum our outer layers of clothing as there are strict rules about not bringing foreign seeds, spores, insects etc. into the pristine environment of Antarctica and all potential contaminants have to be thoroughly removed. We were then called down to the boot room to try on our wellington boots, which are necessary for all landings with the Zodiacs as we will have to walk a small distance through water before reaching the shores.

At 4 this afternoon we approached and sailed past the very first iceberg of our trip.  Perched on the iceberg were hundreds of penguins. Everyone bundled themselves into their fleeces, windproof jackets and beanies and rushed out onto the deck of the ship to have a closer look.  As we sailed past the iceberg, we were escorted by several different species of sea birds that only a few of us have managed to photograph so far including Adila, Lara and thankfully Astrid. At the same time, we had a thrilling citing of a Finn whale.

Linda’s birthday

Today is Linda’s birthday - what a way to celebrate as we cross Drake’s passage. This is certainly one birthday she’ll never forget and best of all her sister Lara is on board too.

“I was woken up this morning and presented with a Princess tiara which I have been wearing most of the day – this has helped identify me as a birthday girl to all the other passengers on board which has contributed to me feeling extra special. I feel incredibly blessed to be celebrating my birthday in such a spectacular environment with my sister and this amazing group of women.”