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Visa status

  • Published: 14:16 June 22, 2009

Passports and visas

A reader from Dubai asks: I am a mechanical engineer with 14 years' experience in India. My diploma is from a government college and was certified by the UAE embassy. I had an agreement with a company in the UAE to work as a supervisor but they processed my visa as a worker. My contract is unlimited and my salary is Dh4,900. Before I came from India, I had refused to come on a worker's visa. But I was told that it is only due to the availability of visa and I was promised that the post would be changed to engineer/supervisor. The company did not change the post despite many reminders. I also want to sponsor my family here this year. What will be the problem in future due to this current post in the contract?


If the reader failed to reach a solution with the company regarding adjusting his status, giving him the post and salary commensurate with his certificate and experience, he may resign from the company after providing a resignation notice, especially since his contract is for unlimited period.

Besides, try with the company to get a no objection certificate to transfer the sponsorship if his service with the company does not exceed three years. If the company refuses to provide him with a no objection certificate, he shall leave the country and return after the expiry of the ban period of six months.

Questions answered by advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Bahar Advocates and Legal Consultants.