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Unpaid debts

Check with authorities if you are on wanted list for default

  • Published: 02:52 October 23, 2017


A reader in Dubai asks: I was working in Dubai for more than a year in a construction firm. During the recession, I was terminated on the spot without a one-month notice and then they cancelled my visa. As a result, I had nothing to do but to wait my six-month ban to expire and did not have enough time to settle my credit cards and loans as I knew that it was covered with a credit shields and insurance which I paid/deducted already. In this situation, I have received a work visa from a new employer but I have doubts that I may be jailed because on my unpaid debts when I return to Dubai. I want to settle my remaining accounts if possible to return to Dubai. What should I do?

I would like to tell the questioner that he may assign someone in the UAE to make sure whether his name is included in the Wanted List of the concerned authorities’ computers or not namely; Airports, Police Investigation Department or Dubai Court. If it is determined that the questioner’s name is not available with the Wanted Section, he may enter the UAE and then resolve the matter amicably with the bank.

Questions answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Bahar Advocates and Legal Consultants.