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A quick course in Arabic

Useful arabic phrases to help you get around Dubai.

  • Staff Report
  • Published: 10:31 June 28, 2009

Useful Arabic
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  • Useful Arabic

Hello: as-salam alaykum
Hello (response): wa alaykum e-salam
Goodbye: ma’a salama
Welcome: marHaba
Good morning: sabaH ala-kheir
Good afternoon: masa’ al-kheir
Good night: tisbah ala-kheir

Yes: aiwa/na’am
No: la
Please: min fadlik
Thank you: shukran
You’re welcome: afwan
Excuse me: lo tismaH

Small talk
How are you?: kef Halak?
Fine thanks: zein al-Hamdulillah
What’s your name?: shismak?
My name is...: ismi
I understand: ana fahim
I don’t understand: la afham
I speak?: ana atakallam ?

Getting Around
Where is the airport: wein al-matar
Where is the taxi: wein maHattat tax
Do you speak English?: Tet Kalam Ingleezi
How much is this?: Kum Hada