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Two's Company: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

InsideOut chats to designers Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams about cushy sofas, happy colours and heavenly lobster mashed potato

  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
    Mitchell Gold (left) + Bob Williams (right).Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
    Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Emerson chair, Bloomingdale's Home, Dh8,000.Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
    Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Clark bed, Bloomingdale's Home, from Dh20,000 to Dh25,000 depending on size.Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
    Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Mondrian Etagere shelf, Bloomingdale's Home, Dh8,200.Image Credit: Supplied picture

Bob Williams

On style… We offer a range of furniture styles, all united by a clean-lined modern sensibility that we personally find so easy and soothing to live with. We like to keep things simple and classic so that the pieces have a timeless feel, something people will want to keep living with and maybe pass down their family. This also makes pieces easy and affordable to rearrange or re-accessorise when it’s time for a change. For us, personal style comes from how you accessorise your setting. Interestingly, we’ve found that the customer in Dubai doesn’t shy away from colour, goes for a certain lush-like lightness and appreciates fine quality with a love for true comfort.

On colour… I can’t pick one colour that would describe our brand. I think I’d have to go with a colour combination. We love warm neutrals mixed with a few pops of our favourite happy colours like tangerine, kiwi, raspberry or teal, but it has to be just the right shade.

On the pair’s favourite pieces… Mitchell and I both love vintage chairs and I have a collection of them in my house. I’m also a fan of the late furniture designer Paul McCobb. His designs are clean and elegant with thin lines and a great visual balance that really appeals to me. If I had to choose I’d say Paul’s dining cabinets are my favourite. They’re made up of several different materials, have a diverse selection of door styles and come in a wide variety of finishes.

On the design process… We always have several different projects going on at the same time. We’ve just learned to move from one type of product to the next. For example, we will be working on one design and get to a point where things are not coming together. Stepping away and working on another project gives us the opportunity to re-examine the design with a fresh perspective. This gives us the ability to design fluidly without becoming stagnant.

On entertaining… We entertain for business and pleasure and when you have your own business the two very often blend together. We’ve both made sure our homes are well set up for entertaining with flexible seating, serving surfaces and storage available and we take turns hosting large company events. Entertaining at home is much easier and more relaxing than talking over dinners in restaurants. To be honest, we also have a secret weapon in the form of our corporate chef Sean who can make anything, from the healthiest salad to decadent lobster mashed potatoes.

Mitchell Gold

On working as a duo… Designing as a team really adds a new dimension to our creations and we feel that has been the key to our success. From the beginning we had similar tastes and goals for how we wanted to live and saw eye-to-eye on how we wanted to achieve these. Working in a duo gives you someone to bounce ideas off, which can lead to an even better product than originally planned. It’s also great to have two pairs of eyes looking at every detail.

On the ultimate home luxury… Bob is known to be fond of great sheets, pillows, and comforters while I love my heated bathroom floors. When it comes to home furnishings, it’s hard to beat a truly comfortable sofa. For me that means one that’s big and cushy enough for two to lie down and watch TV together.

On caring… Our goal is to provide comfort for everyone and we mean that both in terms of one’s home and one’s life. We are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council so all our products are made from sustainable materials. Our upholstery is made in the USA at our factory and our case goods, which are designed in the States, are manufactured overseas. 



Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams ( is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s Home, 04 350 5333