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To become a nurse in UAE

To maintain a high standard of service, the UAE has set specific regulations for those who wish to work as nurses in the government or private sectors.

Working life
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Dubai:It is required that nurses continuously work on developing their nursing skills and knowledge on a regular basis. To protect people's health and safety, the Ministry of Health has stressed that all nurses or midwives must meet a minimum criteria to practice their occupation here.

Nurses can apply for a job at the Ministry of Health in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and if the application is accepted, the person may work at any of the seven emirates.

If the nurse wishes to work only for the Dubai Government, the application should be sent to the Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai (DOHMS).

If the applicant is a legal resident in the UAE, then he or she should apply directly at the Ministry of Health. Applicants can obtain information about vacancies by approaching the Federal Nursing Department at the MOH.

All qualified nurses applying for MOH employment must complete the needed registration necessities and should appear for an examination at the ministry.

Assistant nurses and helpers do not need to obtain the ministry's requirements. For example, nurses applying for a position with the MOH at a grade higher than assistant technician, then he or she must register with the Federal Department of Nursing.

There are specific countries from where applicants are exempted from the ministry's examination which is part of registration. Details about those courtiers can be obtained from the federal nursing department at the MOH.

Those applying for a nursing job online from overseas through the ministry's website can complete their registration requirements after joining the services here.

Those who are residing here have to complete their registration requirements before applying for a job.

Needed documents

Nurses must submit the following documents to the Ministry of Health and then their files will be assessed for employment.

- Bio-data, C.V. which should be in English

- Copies of their certificates or degrees

- Copies of their post-graduate diplomas or degree certificates.

- A copy of their school leaving certificate or comparable certificates.

- Copy of the current nursing licence which should be authorised from the home country of applicant.

- Copy of his or her work experience, signed by a senior official. The work experience documents should show starting date of employment, date of leaving employment and should mention the post held.

- A passport copy, including entry permits to the UAE. Those who have a valid residence visa must submit a copy.

- Three passport size photos.

- Fill in an application form.

- All documents must be translated into Arabic.

- If the nurse passes the interview and the examination. he or she will be given the post of nurse in accordance with the qualifications.

- The job will be at any of the ministry's hospitals, clinics or in any medical district in any of the seven emirates.