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The last day on ship

Today we had a lie in till 8am – a welcome break from the regular 6.30am wake up calls!

  • The team with the UAE flagImage Credit: The Jewels of Antarctica Team
  • The team on board the ship with the captainImage Credit: Jewels of Antarctica Team
  • Antarctica team member JulieImage Credit: Jewels of Antarctica Team

Today we had a lie in till 8am – a welcome break from the regular 6.30am wake up calls!

We were all very relieved when we realized that we were sailing on calm waters and that the dreaded Drake Passage was more like a pond – something that very rarely happens!  No more holding on for dear life wherever we walked, no staggering up the stairwells, no more balancing precariously while trying to shower and best of all no more risk of being sea sick.

After breakfast a series of lectures by the guides were on the program – a great opportunity to learn more about what we had seen and experienced during the expedition.

After lunch we made time for just one more team photo call! We posed for Titanic like photos at the front of the boat on the look out point. We then went up to the Captain’s bridge, which resembled an air traffic control tower with all the equipment and radar screens mapping our current position.
 Captain Evgeny Levakov was happy to wear our signature pink cap and pink bandana for a picture with the team.

Just before lunchtime we took the opportunity to share each other’s photos and create a “ best of “ selection to take home.

This is our last night on board – tomorrow we will be back in Ushuaia Port by 9am and it will be time to disembark and make our way back to the UAE via Buenos Aires. What an incredible experience we have all had – so many stories and pictures to share.

“I am a little bit sad that it’s almost all over and very happy that the Drake Passage was kind to us.” Taghrid

“We will miss the crew and all the lovely people we have met on board “ Frida

“Amazing – even Drake’s passage was kind to us on the way back. I have met some amazing people who will be friends for life “ Dr Grace

“I will miss the camaraderie – it will be quiet back at home “ Morag

“It will be a tough transition form the white desert to the sand desert  “ Laurie

“What’s next?  I feel that there’s a new beginning on the horizon!  Lara