Is it a mistake or are they deliberately giving away money?
One thing’s certain, it happens very often.
Win AED 1,000 when you hear a song for the second time between 9am & 5pm.
Simply SMS “no repeat” to 5180
Terms & Conditions
1.       The 9 to 5 NO REPEAT WORKDAY 1000 AED is a promotion on 99.3 & 106 Radio 2 and will be on-going until further notice.
2.       The contest with run Sunday to Thursday during the hours 9am-5pm. To be eligible to win the 1000 AED cash prize the prospective participants need to be deemed to be the first to SMS 5180 and identify that the same version of the song, by the same artist and or band has been played in it’s entirety more that once in the exact hours of 9am to 5pm only on weekdays Sunday to Thursday inclusively on 99.3 & 106 Radio 2. Only if the first person to SMS is deemed by the announcer in the studio as the first person through on SMS 5180, and if the same version of the song by the same artist has actually played will that person be entitled to receive 1000 AED.
3.      Should there be any technical difficulties during the hours of the 9 to 5 NO REPEAT WORKDAY on 99.3 or 106 Radio 2 and an emergency cd has to be played as a “back up” selection of the music that has been scheduled to be broadcast; then any repetition of these songs will not be regarded as a repeated song and therefore no one will be eligible to win the 1000 AED.
4.        The only way to enter this competition is via SMS 5180 no other method of entry will be accepted.
5.      There is only ONE (1) prize per household for this contest. Participants are restricted to the use of SMS 5180 to win.
6.       Radio 2 reserves the right to refuse awarding any prizes to a person who is determined to have violated the rules as outlined above, gained unfair advantage in participating in the contest or obtained a winner status using fraudulent names.