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With a few extra kilos lurking and a waning motivation to stay fit, Aquarius features writer Louisa Wilkins signs up for 12 weeks of intensive training at the hands of the KO Gym crew. Taking part in the Survivor's Challenge means committing to three hardcore, early morning training sessions at the KO Gym headquarters in the Marina plus a customised eating plan. The instructors combine techniques and skills from boxing, kickboxing, resistance training and plyometrics to achieve impressive body conditioning results quickly - and they won't stand for any slacking. Follow Louisa's updates and see if she survives the grueling challenge.

  • Published 15:46 April 12, 2011

    Week ten, day two: A hard return

    KO Survivors Challenge

    Perhaps it was just because I have missed a few sessions recently, but this morning's session was really hard going. At one point I checked the clock, expecting it to be about 6.55am and time for the cool down, and was horrified to see that it wasn't even 6.30am yet. So dumbfounded was I by this that I asked fellow Survivor Tori to check her watch in the vain hope that the KO Gym clock had stopped working. Needless to say, it hadn't. We weren't even half way through. Read more...

    Posted by Louisa Wilkins, Aquarius

  • Published 15:40 April 11, 2011

    Week ten, day one: Slacking off

    I don't know quite how it happened. One minute I was one of the dedicated core Survivors, turning up for every session and even going for additional mid-week evening sessions. The next minute, I am one of The Others. The duvet heads. The lazies. Slacking off instead of turning up. Read more...

    Posted by Louisa Wilkins, Aquarius

  • Published 10:21 March 31, 2011

    Week eight, day three: Fun and fines

    KO Gym Survivors

    Absolutely loved this morning's session. It was powerful, with a good mix of exercises and some new additions to the circuits – such as a stint on the rowing machine and a small wheel with a handle on either side, which you do press-ups with. Read more...

    Posted by By Louisa Wilkins, Aquarius

  • Published 18:12 March 30, 2011

    Week eight, day two: Wrap regret

    KO Survivors challenge

    Woke up at 6.10am this morning in a blind panic. It took a few seconds for me to realise that it's Wednesday – a KO-free day. Think the Survivor's Challenge is becoming a real habit. Read more...

    Posted by By Louisa Wilkins, Aquarius

  • Published 11:09 March 24, 2011

    Week seven, day three: Pillow cravings

    I was still aching from Tuesday evening's session when I rocked up at the gym this morning. Coach Zach lead us through cross training, involving lots of press-ups, burpees, jogging on tyres, bag work doing our own combinations, jumping up on the ropes and resistance training against each other's strength. Read more...

    Posted by Louisa Wilkins, Aquarius

  • Published 14:44 March 23, 2011

    Week seven, day two: Pure, rippling muscle

    KO Gym Dubai fighters

    I did the Sunday morning session this week, but again struggled with Tuesday morning's wake-up call. So, I made up for it by turning up for the 6.30pm-8pm session last night instead. Read more...

    Posted by Louisa Wilkins, Aquarius


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