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Supperclub comes to Dubai

Now this is exciting.

On Wednesday morning, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray will be announcing its next dining concept: Supperclub, a brand based in Amsterdam. Opening dates and details are murky for now (back here for the update) but here’s what Supperclub’s website says about the brand: “Don’t come to supperclub if you’re in search of a traditional restaurant, have lazy taste buds or are scared of new experiences. However, if you’re looking for an unusual dinner experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then knock on supperclub’s door.” We can’t wait to find out what people in London, LA and Holland are already experiencing. A sample menu includes aromatic satay soup; tuna rossini with foie gras served with raisin bread; and rack of lamb and a honey mustard jus. Owner Bert van der Leden describes Supperclub as “a mix of food, music, performances, art, our staff and... you. An evening at supperclub has been successful when all your five senses have been tickled.”