Rihanna cancels UAE gig

Is she still in Disturbia? Turning her back on her stage return, Rihanna calls off her gig in the UAE. But we're not giving up...

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The 21-year-old Grammy Award winner was set to perform in Dubai on May 28.

Since tabloid! revealed May 28 as the date for Rihanna's first live performance since that fateful night with boyfriend Chris Brown, the exclusive news has spread across the globe.

The Washington Post, and New York Times, as well as countless celeb and music websites ran with the announcement, which was even screened on a constant loop on video feeds on screens in the back of New York cabs.

Convince Rihanna to change her mind

Great for the UAE, which was looking forward to hosting the 21-year-old Grammy Award-winner. Bad for a particularly delicate Rihanna, who has decided to call off the gig, saying "it's just not the right time" for her.

With Brown in the thick of court appearances after being accused of assaulting the singer after a pre-Grammy bash, and with RiRi having not performed since late January, Yassin Matbouly of Vibe Event Management Agency, who were bringing the star, said it had all become too much for the pop princess to deal with.

"Rihanna's management contacted us on Saturday and explained she was unable to come to the UAE in May, but said she is keen to still perform in the region."

But tabloid! doesn't give up that easily. We'd like Rihanna fans to encourage the singer to take the plunge and return to the stage in the positive atmosphere here in the UAE.

Vibe, who had already agreed to many of the terms for the concert and were busy making arrangements to host the star in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi, says Rihanna had possibly underestimated the numbers and media attention when it came to a concert in the region.

"We want to share with you that Rihanna and her management will not be accepting to hold a public concert at this time as it is not appropriate timing for her," added Matbouly.

"Vibe has been ready and was looking forward to putting this concert together for the crowd of the Middle East. We have sourced venues in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and started looking into complying with her request to put the show on. This is very sad for us at this time knowing the concert will not happen, but we will not give up and we will continue to put our offer to Rihanna's management for a future date."

Vibe is hoping the concert can take place after the summer.

Chris Brown was due to appear in court yesterday after entering two pleas of not guilty earlier this month to charges of assault and making criminal threats. His appearance last night was to agree to terms of a plea bargain.

Brown, a multi-platinum-selling singer, is charged with attacking Rihanna on February 8 in Los Angeles after a pre-Grammys party. He was arrested shortly after.

Rihanna had been scheduled to perform at the Grammys later, but cancelled just before the ceremony.

She last performed on January 29 in Los Angeles for the Pepsi Smash concert, filmed live at the Ford Amphitheatre as part of the annual Super Bowl celebrations in the US.

tabloid!'s attempts to contact Rihanna's management directly were unsuccessful.

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We're dying of anxiety.
Bismarck Mokaya
Posted: May 06, 2009, 11:05

Rihanna is a great singer and we all wanted her to come and perform. Though she has a lot of things in her mind and chris at the court we can all wait for her in the future and enjoy her music.I LOVE YOU RIHANNAI AM YOUR #1 FAN
Posted: May 01, 2009, 19:50

Please you guys try hard to make her come, I would definitley pay to see her please.
Posted: April 30, 2009, 17:21