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'Refusing to settle my dues'

  • Published: 19:47 October 18, 2012


I worked in a company for more than three years. During the time when I started, I worked with a visit visa provided by another company. Then my sponsors made an employment visa for me. Presently, I have submitted my resignation from work and asked them to settle my end of service dues. The company refused to give me my full rights, especially for the duration of work on the visit visa. My sponsor told me that my services with the company commenced only from the day they provided me with the employment visa. The period I worked with the company on the visit visa will not be counted as an employment period. The company also was responsible for delaying the employment visa.  

Recently, I made a complaint to the Ministry of Labour. Until now, the sponsor has refused to settle my dues. And the Labour Office forwarded my complaint to the Competent Court. My question here is how will the court count my starting date? Whether it is from the day I started work on a visit visa or from the date of employment visa?

 I would like to clarify that the Competent Court will consider the starting date from the actual date of his work. Disregard the issuance of the Employment Visa and the questioner can prove the starting day from the Bank Statement salary which will prove the starting day from the day of the appointment letter given by the Company.




Readers’ questions answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants