Who: Rone Jaxx, Presenter
What: Urban Education
When: Saturdays (12am–2am)

It takes something special as a DJ for the legendary pioneer of Hip Hop and all things Urban, Grandmaster Flash to compliment him for his technical ability, song selection and controlling the vibe...”Rone Jaxx is dope! You need to get him out to the States!” This sentiment is echoed by some of the biggest DJ’s from around the world, from Steve Sutherland, Shortee Blitz and Ronnie Herel in the UK, to DJ Craze, Cash Money and T Luv in the States.
Rone Jaxx has been in the business for over a decade. Starting off at 15, he began playing at house parties and to make sure he was on point with the music world, Rone ordered vinyl from across the waters and quickly gained a reputation as a pioneer DJ in the UAE. He’s currently aiming on pushing the urban scene further in the Emirates.