Who: Mylo Galloway
What: Radio1 Presenter
When: Late Drive, Sun-Thurs 7-10pm
About Mylo:
By day he's the number 1 Justin Bieber lookalike in the UAE... But by night you can catch him every weekday night from 7pm here at Radio 1!
In his native UK, just about all he had going for him was being a failing student with no intention of going to university... It was time for work experience week at college and Mylo was drafted to go and work at the local radio station (He won't tell you this but he was actually washing dishes for the guy that made the coffee!!). 
Then one day he actually saw himself working at a radio station after he had to cover for one of the presenters that called in sick. A couple of shows and some family vacations to Dubai later and now were stuck with him...
Fun Facts
What’s your worst habit: 
Argumentative (my mum suggested this one… I disagreed! Her point is proven)
Who can’t you stand: 
The newsreader on The Simpsons (Just something about his face)
Worst thing you did at school: 
Covered my friend’s hair with sticky tape and bent a spoon on my first day!
What drives you insane that you CAN’T do: 
Whistle through my fingers.
What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done: 
I was at the airport waiting for my plane and eating some food. I tried this amazing sauce with my fries and decided to take about 20 packets of it and put them in my bag. Then a security announcement went out asking me to return the sauce! *AWKWARD*
Who would you like to get trapped in a lift with: 
Katy Perry… I'd make sure I didn't fart in the lift… because that is wrong on so many levels **WINK WINK**
What snack from the Radio 1 vending machine do you ALWAYS go for first: 
I don't know where that machine is.