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  • story 1
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader captures the sun in her photographs.

  • story 2
    Tuesday Oct 28

    Reader picture of the day

    A peacock posed for a reader photographer in Dubai.

  • story 3
    Sunday Oct 26

    Reader picture of the day

    An orca is the focus of reader photographer’s picture.

  • story 4
    Wednesday Oct 22

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader takes a creative shot of a crane lifting the sun.

  • story 5
    Friday Oct 17

    Reader Picture Competition: Routine marvels

    We select the top three reader photographs for the month of September.

  • story 6
    Friday Oct 17

    Capturing everyday marvels

    Our Reader Picture Competition winners for the month of September share some of their favourite clicks.

  • story 7
    Wednesday Oct 15

    Reader pictures of the day

    Readers capture the innocence of children, during their travels.

  • story 8
    Tuesday Oct 14

    Reader picture essay: Pakistan’s treasures

    Readers send in photograph of heritage sites from Pakistan.

  • story 9
    Sunday Oct 12

    Sky-high ambitions

    Reader captures paragliders in Nepal.

  • story 10
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Reader picture of the day

    Gulf News reader Anuradha Karunakaran took this photograph in Oman.

  • story 11
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Animals make the world better

    On World Animal Day, reader stresses the importance of protecting animals.

  • story 12
    Sunday Oct 5

    Tiger mum

    Gulf News reader Judith Joshua took this photograph in Bangkok, Thailand. She said: “Mothers are always special. I was lucky to capture this tender moment between a tigress and her cub.”

  • story 13
    Friday Oct 3

    Blue tracks on the horizon

    We pick the top five entries to the Facebook competition theme: ‘Dubai Metro’.

  • story 14
    Wednesday Oct 1

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader picture of the day

  • story 15
    Tuesday Sep 30

    Reader picture essay: Kerala monsoon

    Reader travels to Kerala, India, and shares pictures of the monsoon season.

  • story 16
    Sunday Sep 28

    Reader Picture Essay: Whispers from the past

    Islamic architectures captures a reader photographer’s attention in Cairo.

  • story 17
    Tuesday Sep 23

    Reader Picture of the Day

    Gulf News reader Nikith Nath took this picture at Calicut Beach in Kerala, India

  • story 18
    Sunday Sep 21

    Reader picture essay - Al Garhoud Bridge

    The massive 14-lane Al Garhoud Bridge, spanning across Dubai Creek, was once a six-lane nightmare for motorists, who would face terrible traffic in either direction at rush hour. But ever since it opened in 2008, the bridge has become a landmark in Dubai’s road infrastructure, with steady movement on either side. It extends about 1.7km and rises 15 metres above the water, allowing free navigation for marine traffic. The bridge was completed in a record 24 months, and more than 2,000 workers were involved in its construction. Manoj Gurnani, a UAE-based photography enthusiast, shared his best pictures of the bridge.

  • story 19
    Wednesday Sep 17

    Reader picture of the day - Prayerful serenity

    Reader picture of the day - Prayerful serenity

  • story 20
    Tuesday Sep 16

    Reader Pictures of the Day

    A visit to Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi opened Gulf News reader Ajai Krishna’s eyes to the world of reptiles. The 13-year-old student of Our Own English High School, Sharjah, said: ”During summer vacations, my family planned a trip to the zoo. I was excited and happy, especially at the reptiles section, where I saw a green lizard and a Burmese python.”

  • story 21
    Sunday Sep 14

    The Swiss experience

    When Switzerland was introduced at the World Exposition in Seville in 1992, the phrase chosen to describe it was: “La suisse n'existe pas” or “Switzerland does not exist”. The reason is because both geographically and culturally, this land of lakes, rivers and mountains is packed with diversity.

  • story 22
    Friday Sep 12

    The strange and the wonderful

    With summer vacations coming to an end, we asked Facebook readers to revisit their holiday reel and send in travel photography, showcasing places they visited this year. Here, we present the winners:

  • story 23
    Tuesday Sep 9

    Reader Picture Essay: Jebel Hafeet

    One of the most popular sites in the country, Al Ain’s Jebel Hafeet attracts visitors from all over the UAE and neighbouring countries. Rising 1,240 metres, Jebel Hafeet is Abu Dhabi’s highest peak, and UAE’s second, after Jebel Yibir in the Hajar Mountains. According to the tourism board of Abu Dhabi, this towering rocky height, which stands guard over Al Ain and borders Oman, is forged out of craggy limestone that has weathered down over millions of years. Steeped in history, Jebel Hafeet’s foothills host ancient burial tombs, dating back 5,000 years. The discovery of calcified corals has also established that the region was once covered by the sea. With so much to discover, Gulf News reader Abdul Kareem made a trip to Al Ain, to photograph the mountainous region. The Sharjah resident said: “Al Ain is rich in historical, architectural heritage and this is one of its best spots.

  • story 24
    Friday Sep 5

    Reader picture of the day: Golden hour

  • story 25
    Tuesday Sep 2

    The world in a city

    A visit to Hong Kong allowed Gulf News reader Abrar Mohsin to experiment with photographing ‘cityscapes’. The Dubai-based marketing manager and photography enthusiast said: “Hong Kong has a small land mass, with over seven million people, hence it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The name Hong Kong in Cantonese means ‘fragrant harbour’, because of the influx of sweet water from the Pearl River. Hong Kong has always fascinated me, as it is a city with two different traditions — Chinese and Western. You get to see a mix of everything in the city. But what really draws one’s attention are the highrises. The city has grown vertically, which is fascinating. I call it a ‘concrete jungle’. Hong Kong has two distinctive styles of living — one showing its glitz and glamour, and the other depicting the match-box style living that people are used to. It is a stark and real contrast, but people who live there swear by it and love the city to the core.”