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  • story 1
    Sunday Nov 23

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader photographer shares the art of movement, with parkour.

  • story 2
    Friday Nov 21

    A peek into our wonderful world

    These photographers won the monthly Reader Picture Competition (October) and share some of their pictures.

  • story 3
    Wednesday Nov 19

    Reader picture of the day

    Gulf News reader Saleesh Thekkiniyath Jose took this photograph at Abu Dhabi Corniche last month. He said: “There, we saw flowers that were just so beautiful. I feel that they are silently trying to tell us that we should always believe something wonderful is about to happen.”

  • story 4
    Tuesday Nov 18

    Reader Picture Essay: Scenic Austria

    From the thundering waterfalls in the shadow of Grossglockner Mountain to the Danube Valley’s steep vineyards and Dachstein’s warren of sub-zero caves, Austria is a rare treat for the eyes. The country lies in the mountainous region of the Alps and is blessed with lush greenery in the summer, turning into a white wonderland in the winter months. On a school trip, Gulf News reader Sneha M. Ramaprasad captured the landscape’s natural beauty through her lens.

  • story 5
    Sunday Nov 16

    Reader Picture of the day

    Photographer captures an early morning fishing scene at Fujairah’s beach.

  • story 6
    Wednesday Nov 12

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader photographer captures the view along the creek in Dubai.

  • story 7
    Sunday Nov 9

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader captures camels on the race track.

  • story 8
    Friday Nov 7

    The many shades of pink

    Facebook reader photographers interpret the colour pink in their pictures.

  • story 9
    Wednesday Nov 5

    Reader picture of the day

    An aged railway station captures the fascination of reader photographer.

  • story 10
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Reader picture essay: The pride of Southeast Asia

    Reader Abrar Mohsin captures the buzz of Singapore’s daily life.

  • story 11
    Sunday Nov 2

    Reader picture of the day

    A look at the seashore, through a reader’s lens.

  • story 12
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader captures the sun in her photographs.

  • story 13
    Tuesday Oct 28

    Reader picture of the day

    A peacock posed for a reader photographer in Dubai.

  • story 14
    Sunday Oct 26

    Reader picture of the day

    An orca is the focus of reader photographer’s picture.

  • story 15
    Wednesday Oct 22

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader takes a creative shot of a crane lifting the sun.

  • story 16
    Friday Oct 17

    Reader Picture Competition: Routine marvels

    We select the top three reader photographs for the month of September.

  • story 17
    Friday Oct 17

    Capturing everyday marvels

    Our Reader Picture Competition winners for the month of September share some of their favourite clicks.

  • story 18
    Wednesday Oct 15

    Reader pictures of the day

    Readers capture the innocence of children, during their travels.

  • story 19
    Tuesday Oct 14

    Reader picture essay: Pakistan’s treasures

    Readers send in photograph of heritage sites from Pakistan.

  • story 20
    Sunday Oct 12

    Sky-high ambitions

    Reader captures paragliders in Nepal.

  • story 21
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Reader picture of the day

    Gulf News reader Anuradha Karunakaran took this photograph in Oman.

  • story 22
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Animals make the world better

    On World Animal Day, reader stresses the importance of protecting animals.

  • story 23
    Sunday Oct 5

    Tiger mum

    Gulf News reader Judith Joshua took this photograph in Bangkok, Thailand. She said: “Mothers are always special. I was lucky to capture this tender moment between a tigress and her cub.”

  • story 24
    Friday Oct 3

    Blue tracks on the horizon

    We pick the top five entries to the Facebook competition theme: ‘Dubai Metro’.

  • story 25
    Wednesday Oct 1

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader picture of the day