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Celebrating a milestone

It was a memorable day on Friday as thousands of people joined in the celebrations commemorating the 40th anniversary of the founding of the UAE. Parades, music and dance shows were held across the country. Spectacular fireworks illuminated the night skies and lanterns swung in the breeze. The Dubai Fountain danced to the music of the National Anthem and children released balloons. After raising the flag people relaxed in the parks as the UAE went on a long weekend.

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  1. Added 15:18 December 3, 2011

    It was a wonderfull experience to be a part of this walk. A huge, disciplined and enthusiastic crowd. Long live Pakistan/UAE friendship

    Tariq, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 13:37 December 3, 2011

    I love uae and many many mabrook on national day to all uae and all the world.

    m ayub cheema , dubai, Pakistan