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We saw that coming: Unsurprising Hollywood divorces

Despite giving the world a brand new phrase – ‘jumping the couch’ – with that notorious Oprah incident, what’s even more surprising is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes held on for so long – just four months shy of six years to be exact. As the world’s most famous Scientologist, the 49-year-old’s religious beliefs and sexuality, despite having married and dated some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, has been the subject of much ridicule and speculation. His marriage to a much younger Holmes, 33, was no different. Very public and often very weird in a trying-too-hard sort of way, the birth of their daughter Suri, now 6, didn’t do much to change the public’s perception of the couple. That both their Hollywood careers weren’t going great guns, barring Cruise’ record-breaking Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last year, hasn’t help. But Cruise and Holmes are not the only one. Under those very bright lights of Hollywood, there have been a few divorces all of us saw from many an aisle away.

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