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Tom Cruise charms Dubai

Tom Cruise and Co. have jetted into Dubai to film scenes for the latest instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. If you spot the star around town, send in your pictures to or upload your pictures here

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  1. Added 16:47 November 7, 2010

    Tom Cruise the 'Maverick'. Agreed. he is an icon etc etc. who definetly deserves news coverage; but not front page news on all the days that he is here in Dubai. Please stop overdoing the Tom Cruise stories/ episodes. There are many more news across the globe that deserves front page.

    Anonymous, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 11:29 November 7, 2010

    this is so cool! I really hope i bump into him somewhere in Dubai. He seems to be quite pleasant! Good to see he's not brushing away excited fans.

    Hillary, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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