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“Public expectations are unrealistic”

Gulf News reader questions role of marketing and branding in creating ‘role models’

  • By Omar Abu Omar Gulf News reader
  • Published: 15:37 February 22, 2013
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • Omar Abu Omar is a social media marketing professional living in Dubai

There are big international companies who try to take advantage of successful athletes and sportspeople, so they brand a person and associate them with their brands, for marketing reasons. To be very honest, people have unrealistic expectations of those that are successful. What we see is the polished version of the person. When you see a sportsperson or pop star visiting a hospital and hugging a sick child, we think that’s such a sweet gesture and the person is a humanitarian. While in reality, it could be just a branding manager or an agent, who made him do that.

People have to keep in mind that nobody is perfect, but they forget that because they want to see those celebrities doing well. On a personal level, I am always sceptical of celebrities, especially now. I always wonder why we give so much importance to them.

- The reader is a social media marketing professional living in Dubai

Gulf News
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