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    Wednesday Mar 4

    Love books? Be part of #GNBookClub

    Join the discussion, express your interest in a book and get a chance to read and review it

  • Thursday Feb 26

    Focus: Greece

    The focus of this week’s debate is on Greece and whether it should default on its debt?

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    Thursday Feb 26

    Focus: GCC brand

    Our topic this week was inspired by an opinion article by Abdulkhaleq Abdulla that was published in The Views section of Gulf News earlier this month. According to him, there is an urgent need to promote Gulf brands as the GCC identity including its ‘national heritage, culture, social relationships and old way of life are threatened by globalisation’ and the fact that GCC nationals have become minorities in their own countries. With this in mind, we asked our readers whether the GCC needs to further push its presence in the Middle East?

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    Saturday Feb 21

    Torch Tower fire: Tweeps appreciate efforts of Dubai’s emergency services

    Twitter users appreciate the efforts of Dubai’s emergency services in tackling the #TorchTower fire

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    Thursday Feb 19

    Focus: Love apps

    In the latest addition to love apps are the smart pendant, which gathers data from your social network, iTunes playlist and Netflix and will then vibrate when a compatible partner is within reach. According to an article in Newsweek by Monica Porter, a London-based journalist and writer, online dating is considered as mainstream as online shopping. Gulf News asked readers whether these love apps are ruining the art of building relationships?

  • Sunday Feb 15

    Focus: Love apps

    The focus of this week’s debate is on love apps and whether they are ruining the art of building relationships?

  • Thursday Feb 12

    Focus: Social media dating

    In today’s internet age, more and more people are signing up to various social networking sites, thus expanding their social circle. Gulf News asked its readers whether increased online presence has broken down traditional gender barriers in the Middle East?

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    Thursday Feb 5

    Focus: Multiculturalism

    In the wake of the recent Paris attack, Malek Chebel, an Algerian-born French academic has spoken about France’s failure to truly integrate Islamic culture. In an interview in Newsweek, he said: “France no longer just wants integration, it wants assimilation and that’s just not acceptable.” Gulf News readers discussed multiculturalism and whether assimilation or integration works best for society.

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    Thursday Jan 29

    Focus: Guantanamo Bay

    The US Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) detention facility in Cuba is operating with the primary purpose of acting as a detention facility for “suspects” captured in the US ‘war on terror’. Most the detainees have never been charged and do not even know if or when they will ever be released. Gulf News asked its readers whether such centres further promotes militancy as opposed to deterring people from it?

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    Thursday Jan 22

    Focus: Media bias

    As news on the Paris terrorist attacks flooded the news, in Nigeria more than 2,000 people were killed by Boko Haram in one of the “deadliest massacres” according to Amnesty International. However, the difference between the massacres is that one gained news coverage and worldwide support, while the other was completely ignored. On Facebook, our readers discussed media bias and what makes one attack more newsworthy than the other?

  • Saturday Dec 13

    Focus: Nutritional poverty

    The focus of this week’s debate is on nutritional poverty and whether it is linked to the lack of cookery skills?

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    Thursday Dec 11

    Focus: Social media psychology

    While a lot of mental health therapies rely on self-reporting, some international medical professionals are saying that social media is beneficial for mental health assessments as every action gets stored. So, looking through a patient’s posting pattern can help psychologists predict behaviour or detect changes. Gulf News asked its readers whether social media should be used to monitor patients?

  • Saturday Dec 6

    Focus: Social media psychology

    The focus of this week’s debate is on social media and whether psychologists should use social media to monitor their patients?

  • story 14
    Friday Dec 5

    Have a heart, get a pet

    From dog adoption day to a new home

  • story 15
    Thursday Dec 4

    Focus: Tablets vs textbooks

    Our debate this week is based on a reader suggestion by Mohana Iyer. While Mohana argued that tablets are too much of a distraction in the classroom, supporters say that tablets actually increase student interactivity and creativity. In an online debate, readers discussed the pros and cons of implementing technology in the classroom.

  • Monday Dec 1

    Ending wars harder than starting them

    With US President Barack Obama’s secret plans to strategically reengage with the Taliban revealed, the international media is wary and pragmatic in turns about what this presages for Afghanistan

  • Thursday Nov 27

    Focus: Tablets vs textbooks

    The focus of this week’s debate is whether tablets should replace textbooks in classrooms or if they should be removed altogether?

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    Thursday Nov 27

    Focus: Languages vs Internet

    It is that time of the year when various dictionaries announce their ‘Word of the Year’ and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word judged should “reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance.” Most of the words elected in recent times seem to have been derived from the internet. In an online debate, readers discussed whether the internet is influencing the evolution of languages?

  • Monday Nov 24

    Immigration reforms may have ‘volatile’ fallout

    US President Barack Obama’s immigration reforms that will lift the sword of Damocles off millions of Hispanic illegal immigrants is a mixed blessing, says international media. The pluses and minuses will eventually cancel each other

  • Thursday Nov 20

    Focus: Languages vs. internet

    The focus of this week’s debate is on languages and whether the internet has radically changed global communication?

  • Monday Nov 17

    Engagement rather than alienation

    The G20 summit that concluded in Brisbane made headlines for various reasons, including Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pugilistic stance, but the international media is more keen on knowing what the summit will achieve with its true agenda — economic reforms in a world that sorely needs them

  • story 22
    Thursday Nov 13

    Speak Your Mind: The toy question

    Are today’s toys appropriate for children?

  • Thursday Nov 6

    Focus: Violence against women

    In a campaign to highlight abuse against women, a Youtube video titled ‘One photo a day in the worst year of my life’ features a woman who appears to be a victim of violence and takes a picture of herself every day for an entire year. Our debate this week looked at the latest trend, that is degrading music that encourages men not to respect women. Readers discussed violence against women and music that glorifies violence against women and whether banning such music will protect women?

  • Monday Nov 3

    All eyes on US mid-term polls today

    What do today’s congressional elections in the US hold for President Obama? Are Americans, conflicted about their country’s many war engagements, in no mood to support him? Leading newspapers have mixed views on this

  • Sunday Nov 2

    Focus: Violence against women

    The focus of this week’s debate is on music that glorifies violence against women and whether it should be banned?

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