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Letters: January 8, 2013

Letters: January 8, 2013

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  • Published: 16:29 January 7, 2013
  • Gulf News

National Shame

Reading this article I feel terrible that passers-by did not even give out a hand, cover the victim bleeding to death, and did not call the ambulance or the police (‘India gang-rape victim’s friend recounts attack,’ Gulf News, January 6). They are no different than the rapists. Every Indian citizen is responsible for this. Shame on you Indian Police that is supposed to protect the country and its people, but stood there arguing about jurisdiction rather than taking her to emergency. Our country was once known for its culture and value system – are these the values we hold? I can’t even imagine the pain that the little girl had to endure. But I feel ashamed how the ignorance of the people and the police would have multiplied her wounds. This is horrendous! I don’t know how will we every get rid of such brutalities when there is no sense of humanity. I don’t know how can we go about this but the police present at the scene should first be suspended for the delay. We need to get rid of all those people with authority who do not feel the pain and severity of the issue. When will our nation wake up? Or will it ever wake up?

From Ms Avani Soni


Ugly truth

This is really shameful for the Indian society. The government needs to take a strict yet careful action against to eradicate the bribe culture common in police and security departments. This is not the first or the last incident, such incidents happen in every corner of India on daily basis.

From Mr Rajmohd


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It is such a shame and it has been proven over and over again that the police are definitely more of harassers than protectors. How would someone step forward and help when the so called law-enforcers are keener on scrutinizing and cornering someone who has helped a victim, rather than concentrating on nabbing the actual crime and culprit. It is a matter of great shame and gives us so much grief to know that this is what is happening in our country. I wonder what freedom have we won and where is our country headed to? When is this act of cruelty and barbarism going to end? When will our daughters, sisters and mothers go for a walk freely on the road with their heads help up high with a feeling of security? I don’t have a sister of my own, but I feel that I have lost someone very near and dear to me. I hope and pray that the sad demise of the victim opens and changes something somewhere in our country. God bless her family and give them the strength to surpass this unfortunate phase of life.

From Mr Srinath


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When will it end?

Thanks for the real article which is now a common phenomenon in our society (‘A crime beyond 
barriers,’ Gulf News, January 6). I absolutely agree with the writer that there should be no compromise with such an offence and there should be quick justice. Capital punishment will discourage the offenders. I think it’s not only in India but such kind of abhorrent crimes are spreading across the world, even in Bangladesh. Most of them go unheard, they don’t even get to the media, the political parties, human right organisation and government do not even respond. It seems to be that there is no justice for victims in the world. How would we ever come around these brutalities?

From Mr Sohel Sarwar Jahan

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The National Human Rights Commission is quiet now, but when the suspects are sentenced to death they will cry for humane treatment. Sadly, in the past, NHRC had sided with the aggressors more than the victims, all for the sake of human rights.

From A Reader


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Name withheld by request

Proud Indian

I am really proud as an Indian. These type of minute matters never decrease my thinking about my lovely country (‘Bihar wife set on fire for lack of salt in cooked meat,’ Gulf News, January 6). India is the only country in the world with a very rich culture that has a vast diversity of religion and traditions. People from different walks of life and with different set of beliefs live under one roof. I remember once my mother was very unwell and our Hindu neighbours looked after him. The lady cared for me like her own son. You cannot experience the same hospitality and love anywhere in the world. India made of different religions, casts, traditions lives together like one family. Please don’t blame the entire country for few brutal instances.

From Mr Shaheed Ahmad


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Enough is enough

How many articles or stories like this do we have to hear before the world decides enough is enough? I cannot understand how is the country not doing anything to control and stop acts of cruelty against women. Why is no one intervening? Are you serious that the police are being given credit for saving this woman’s life? I am sorry but three hours to get to a burning woman? If it was a man would they have arrived in 10 minutes? Would they do more to help him? This is a shameful situation and the country should be held accountable.

From Ms Velvet


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It is utter shame when people from other nationalities ask - Oh is it your country where that incident happened? It is so embarrassing. Where are the law makers? One incident after another, the cruelty against woman is increasing. Shame on the Indian law makers, even after thousands got together and protested against the women gang raped in Delhi, the authorities are not doing anything about it.

From A Reader


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