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Letters: February 26, 2013

Letters: February 26, 2013

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  • Published: 16:34 February 25, 2013
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Let them be

Lets not debate about how noisy children could get (‘Families in Dubai’s Karama lose sleep over unruly teens,’ Gulf News, February 24) Let’s look at it from the teenager’s perspective. The influx of modern technology where they are always surrounded by gadgets and electronic media, it is healthy for them to play football and indulge in other physical activities. I have also grown up in Dubai and I remember at our times we could access football grounds for free. My question is, where in Karama can these children play, except Zabeel Park? We are being too harsh on children to take away from their freedom and physical activities. However, I agree with other readers about the internet gaming centres. They should be kept under watch.

From Mr Mazhar Bangash


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Keep a check

I have lived in Karama since childhood, i.e. for almost 30 years now. But today, this problem is not only limited to street 318A. I also socialise with my friends in a similar fashion but we usually go to a deserted spot, so that we don’t disturb the peace of families that reside in the area. However, in the past month I have spotted many immoral activities around the Al Noora building on the same 318A street. I advise the parents keep a watch on their children.

From Mr Bilal Ahmed


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Stop complaining

Come on people! They are just teenagers having harmless fun. I think before anyone complains they should remember their own teenage days. I am sure as children, we all were would have done the same things, if not worse. These teens will eventually grow up and become responsible. Then they will complain about the same problem. This is a never ending cycle of life. Let these teens have their innocent fun and stop complaining. Fortunately I do not encounter these problems, but even if I did, I would just let them be, they will eventually grow up.

From Mr Tamam Elewi


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The other side

Well, what this story does not cover is the nice family on the first floor of a building that threw dirty water on a bunch of rowdies. Of course, that’s not going to stop the teens from talking loudly. If that’s how a few families want to ask the youngsters to keep quiet, I don’t think it will work. It might just get louder.

From A Reader


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Learn to adjust

Stop complaining! Let the world be as it is, with some noisy people and some peaceful ones. This is how teenagers grow up and socialize these days.

From Mr Imaad Khan


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Another option

There is nothing wrong with socialising. But, they can socialise away from the residential area.

From Mr Naqibullah Sharif


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The gruesome killing of these three sisters is yet another addition to the list of crimes against women and girls in India (‘Three minor sisters raped and murdered in Maharashtra village, Gulf News, February 21). It is shocking and disappointing at the same time to hear of such cases of violence against minor girls. It is a pity that despite people protesting and demanding the rapists to be given capital punishment for such heinous crimes, the rape cases continue to increase. I wonder when these men will cease to take advantage of helpless girls and use them as mere objects of pleasure. It is a matter of great shame that in most cases, the rapists are usually allowed to walk free either due to lack of evidence or because the culprit is connected or comes from an influential background. A stricter law is the need of the hour to protect women and girls against the on-going violence, rape and physical assaults. I hope that these sisters who have been killed mercilessly are not denied justice and those responsible for their deaths are punished. May their souls rest in peace.

From Ms Fatima Suhail

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Take action

When will it stop? Woman abuse, rapes and attacks are increasing in daily basis in India. These culprits are not scared of anything, they know about the easy law of the country. There has to be stringent punishment for them and it has to be quick. People will think twice before committing such crimes only if the laws are strong and punishment is tough. Only debates, discussions, rallies wont help in this matter, the government must take step now.

Form Ms Renu Kala

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Find a solution

There is no smell in the England cluster of International City (‘International City stench concerns waved away,’ Gulf News, February 23). However, the smell might be a problem in the clusters closer to the waste plant. I think there are two solutions, either the authorities need to shift the plan away from residential areas or plant lots of trees, which I believe would reduce 70 per cent of the problem. I can imagine how difficult would it be for the residents to live in a house that smells.

From Mr Arif Zaman


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Shift the plant

Though it is not regular but the smell spreads as far as Al Warqa, which is another residential area next to International City. This happens mostly at night, I think it depends on the wind direction, as it is not regular. But certainly there is a foul smell. I think the authorities need to shift the plant away from the residential areas, sooner the better.

From Mr Mujtaba


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I have been living in the Morocco cluster for more than a year, and the smell bothers me everyday.

Since the day I moved in I have been worried about my health. I am not sure if the smell leads to health problems, but believe me it is disgusting.

From Mr Vadivalagan


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It is a problem

I recently visited International City and I would like to express my views as a retired Environment Scientist from the Pollution Control Board of Andhra Pradesh, India. In the absence of any details of the type of treatment given to the sewage, I presume that it is a maintenance problem. Often due to anaerobic conditions mainly gases like hydrogen sulphide may be released. This gas smells similar to rotten eggs. Inhaling this particular gas causes headache and nausea. The solution for this is that aerobic conditions must be maintained. To suppress the evolution of the gas neutralization with any alkali preferably the sprinkling of simple lime should be resorted to. Overall this is a simple maintenance problem.

From Mr K Srinivasan


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