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Letters: December 31, 2012

Letters: December 31, 2012

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  • Published: 17:58 December 30, 2012
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Gulf News readers wrote in to tell the newspaper how 2012 turned out for them. They focused on their expectations and what the year offered them in return. We present a selection of the letters.

Value of life

This was a good year for me as it kept me in a positive frame of mind and inspired me to look beyond what I thought I am capable of doing. I agree that it did have a number of mishaps like the global economic crisis that got worse, the global economies were nose-diving and we lost some legends of Bollywood like Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti and Rajesh Khanna. Furthermore the natural calamities were at their peak this year, the disastrous Sandy in the US, typhoons in Asia Pacific, floods and famine. However, I learnt from each of these calamities and realised the value of life. I am taking my positive energy into 2013.

From Ms Madhu Madan


Shift in fashion

I’ve been selling textiles in the Dubai market for the past 30 years. However, 2012 has been the worst of all. For a few years I’ve noticed the shift in fashion towards readymade garments. But 2012 statistics show a steep fall in textile exports. Many textile mills had to shut down and divert to other business like business, food, retail and tourism.

From Mr Ashok Khanchandani

Surat, India


2012 was a year of loss in terms of business, relationship and human lives around the world. I was affected by all of these, including the loss of a loved relative.

From Mr Naved


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Prayer for peace

Being a mother of two children, the mass shooting at the US Sandy Hook School, Newtown, Connecticut, was very disturbing. I can’t see peace anywhere. Am I blind? What else can I hope for in the coming New Year? No more cries and bloodshed please. I just pray for peace and happiness everywhere.

From Ms Divyavalli Santhosh

Abu Dhabi

Lessons of life

When I look back, I see pain and mistakes. I see disappointment and resentment over wrong decisions. I see struggle, failures and the fear of giving up so close to reality. But when I look in the mirror, I see something beautiful. I see a stronger me, filled with strength. I see the lessons learnt taught by difficulties and I feel pride in making those decisions. I see rise after falling; I see smiles that have come after long hard times. I’ve learnt a lot. All these situations have got me on track of my childhood passion that is writing and rediscovering myself. I have learnt the importance and felt the gains of spending quality time with my spouse and children. I learnt that nothing is impossible and that life teaches us a new lesson at every step. I am still figuring a way to balance office struggles and family time. This year was like a rollercoaster ride, where I lost some old friends and made some new ones. I learnt to value life and live each day to the fullest. I want to tell everyone - spread happiness because life is too short and smile because it is contagious.

From Ms Shalini


Good luck UAE

To begin with, it was a brilliant and memorable year for an entrepreneur like me. Towards the end of the year, it was clear that we’re slowly overcoming the global recession. I have noticed that the market is growing and offering better job opportunity for fresh graduates. Being involved in a family business of home furnishings, I have come across new opportunities. I still hear the suffering stories of recession but I believe that the trick is to find the right market at right time, and time is definitely improving.

From Mr Akhil Satheesh


Promote social causes

The year had both ups and downs. On one side I fulfilled my targets and discovered my hidden talents, which have now become my strength. Throughout the year I was very energetic, busy and involved in many social and voluntary activities, such as walkathons for breast cancer and diabetes, campaigns for a cleaner and greener UAE. However, on the other side I will feel the loss of some of my favourite celebrities like Indian filmmaker Yash Chopra.

From Ms Arushi Madan


Hope for future

I lost my job this year, but still I did have some good moments that I will always remember. However, I hope 2013 brings good fortune and peace.

From Mr Rahat


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Beyond my expectations – that’s how bad it was.

From Mr Aaron Tan


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Fortune cookie’s expectation

The Chinese year of the dragon – do I need to say more? The little paper in a fortune cookie I recently picked said that the next year will be different. Hopefully I never have to repeat a year like 2012. However, I enjoyed reading Gulf News, some articles were inspiring, some brought me to tears and some made me laugh out loud.

From Ms Beth Ann White


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Every day that came by was an unexpected surprise - some were exceptionally good and some very upsetting. But life is a mixture of the good and bad that makes every passing year a remarkable one. However, I am looking forward for some dreams to come true in 2013.

From Mr Dorothy Naveena


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I don’t know if the year was below my expectations or did I expect too much?

From Mr Sufiya Zaheer Ahmad


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New relations

I became a father... what else do I need? Yippee!

From Mr Jamil Tekedil


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Message from God

This was a really good year for me. God keeps reminding us to love every one, drop our ego, stop discrimination based on caste and creed and live in the spirit of oneness. In 2012 the world was reminded of the same values, but in a harsh way. I hope we all have learnt our lessons.

From Mr Mahesh Tahlani


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A lesson

This year was full of tough times but these times won’t last long. Nonetheless, the people around you will – so love and respect them.

From Ms Maria Conceicao


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Such is life

There have been many ups and downs for me this year, but the journey has been as important. These things make you tougher. All the painful and the joyous experiences of 2012 have made me stronger. Sometimes life takes two steps forward and then one step backward. But life keeps going forward with zest and joy. So, one more year to look back at and be nostalgic about.

From Mr Elanto


Progress and hope

Overall a challenging year and I handled all twists and turns of it with maximum possible resilience. I had to witness relatives and many known friends suffering and perishing due to cancer. Comfort and consolation for cancer patients and those associated with them is the biggest target for year 2013. It was a year of tremendous achievements for UAE. Overall safety including road safety was given prime importance by the authorities. The tourism and business establishment progressed. There were new reforms by Central Bank for customers to safeguard from loans and debts. I also appreciate the welfare measures for the zoo animals. 2012 has indeed given hope and optimism to all those who live in the UAE to look forward to a brighter and better further.

From Mr Ramesh Menon


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Bring it on

This was my second year in THE UAE. My first had been tough and my second was worst. Despite all the struggles and difficulties I’m grateful for the experience. I learnt a lot of lessons along the way and found answers to many lasting questions and doubts. I know there is more to come and I believe that now I am well-armed for it. Surely I’ll be smarter and stronger in the coming year.

From Mr Dei


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Religious duties

I performed Umrah this year, which was a dream and desire fulfilled. Also, my brother got married. This year has also taught me to be more realistic and competitive. I now feel nearer to achieving my goals. I don’t think any year is bad, its just our illogical and unrealistic behaviour.

From Mr Ahobakk Khaleej Al Arabi


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